E3 2009; Your hopes and wants

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Re: E3 2009; Your hopes and wants

Post  Sanosukesama on Tue Jun 16, 2009 10:36 pm

Ho boy, that's been the statement of the week Razz This has been my summary to the customers:

If you have a PS3, try out inFAMOUS. The premise are both the same: Do anything, scale anything, go anywhere & kill/destroy/rescue whatever you want. In inFAMOUS, being bad has a more direct influence on which powers/moves you learn but in Prototype, you just get to blow stuff up. A lot. But you can run right up the sides of buildings & jump almost miles into the air, so you get a real sense of freedom in the game. Also, inFAMOUS is to Star Wars: The Force Unleashed with the electric powers where Prototype is to Spider-man: Web of Shadows, with Black Suit Spidey's tendrils & go anywhere feel. Prototype also has a more defined story (it was modeled into a comic book after the game came out) & inFAMOUS has the usual 'good end' & 'bad end'. Prototype is also a lot more brutal, with absorbing people/civilians, ripping them apart, etc. etc., earning its M rating while inFAMOUS is more tame, earning its T rating.

So yeah....and people have traded in more inFAMOUS within a 1 week time period vs Prototype (its been like 6~7 inFAMOUS in one week vs 1 copy of Prototype traded in). So that kinda illustrates people like Prototype & it got an 8 out of 10 from Gametrailers.com Hope this helps!
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Re: E3 2009; Your hopes and wants

Post  MENTOK the MINDTAKER on Tue Jun 16, 2009 10:40 pm

Aye, it helps a lot. Think I'll trade some games and get myself a copy of Prototype Very Happy
Thank you kindly
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