Best Nintendo Game?

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Re: Best Nintendo Game?

Post  TD260 on Sun May 09, 2010 7:58 pm

SnakeInABox wrote:Having this thread revived let me read over all of what Terra said. What a Fucking moron!!!!!

i think the best part was when he/she/it was defending their posts by saying "oh, well, back then, we called everything nintendo an NES game... heh... heh..."

the hell?

I've heard it called Nintendy, but never heard a company abbreviated to a CONSOLE. That'd be like saying you got a playstation television, because playstation stands for sony. it doesn't work.

Moving on...
Best games I've played? seeing as i'm not a member of the NES era, i'd have to say... a tie between LoZ Minish cap for the GBA and SMB3 Advance 4.

The minish cap thing is mainly because it was the first zelda game I ever played. The SMB... was just awesome. That, and my friend gave me his copy when I broke a leg so I would have something to play.

Oh, and Chrono Trigger.

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Re: Best Nintendo Game?

Post  JonnyJinx on Mon May 10, 2010 4:05 pm

SnakeInABox wrote:
JonnyJinx wrote:Depends on the genre I guess

RPG - Mother 2 and 3
Platformer - Super Mario Galaxy
Action-Adventure - To be honest, I really can't decide between all the Zelda games, but my favs are ALTTP, OOT, MM and TP

Can't think of any others.

I can see a lot of you are part of the "blindly love OOT above all else" crowd Razz

Uhm, Actually, I don't blindly follow this shit. I know exactly what I like, and how great it is above other games.

I wasn't serious. Honestly, if I was I'd be being a hypocrite, since OOT is one of my favourites too.
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