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I bought this game recently on Steam and I like it a lot.

Sorta has a Bioshock Vibe to it, except on a Russian Secret Weapon Developement Island. The weapons are ok, there is one weapon in particular that is just freakin' awesome but I won't spoil it.

Sniping is like a cakewalk as you can slow down everything and get 3 shots at your enemies. For me, they end up blasting their heads of their shoulders.

I think the technology that you eventually get is magnificent, I have never seen another game do what it does. It was definitely worth it, and has some replay value as well.


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Re: Singularity

Post  xXkawai_baka_420Xx on Sat Jan 01, 2011 7:17 pm

Outlaw wrote:I bought

not interested

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