TWBB Mafia Game 21: Dark Recesses - FINALE

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Re: TWBB Mafia Game 21: Dark Recesses - FINALE

Post  SurgePox on Thu Nov 22, 2012 1:56 pm

I enjoyed my role a lot and it was a fun one to play. I honestly considered trying to come up with as much gamebreaking OP rng rolls possible, but I considered it likely I'd do more harm than good and settled on a more generic mix of powers, ones that would be less likely to backfire if chosen wrong.

I apologize for targeting td when I did, after my death and revive, he'd made a lot of protown moves but I kind of skirted those with nothing else to go off of. I also am sorry for not spreading my wishes to bring back snake, but Id had a feeling that when I had two wishes that one or both wouldn't work out how I wanted so I tried to make a superwish.

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Re: TWBB Mafia Game 21: Dark Recesses - FINALE

Post  Eisenbeißer on Sun Nov 25, 2012 12:12 pm

Fedaykin wrote:4) Eisenbeißer

Role: Doctor
Affiliation: Town
Character: Dr. Brian Matter

You're the most famous ER surgeon in all town. You were the first to successfully transplate a heart with the patient still being awake during the whole procedure, kept calm by your soothing and hypnotic voice. If there is anything broken, you can fix it.


You are the best Doc there is. Every night, you can choose a player, who will be protected from any harm. Alternatively, you can choose to protect two targets at night, rushing from house to house. Since you can't be with your patients all the time, the chances of a successful save fall to 33% each.

Here he is, the player with the best meme Razz Like a few other people, he rerolled the same role as in Game 20. At first, he wasn't that fond of the repitition, but then tried his best, as always. Despite being very busy in real life(I admit, I helped distracting him from the game by getting drunk together Razz When you read this, how about some Nachos and Australian beer next week?), he did his best to keep at it. Then, he recieved a wish from TJ. He wished to join the Masons while keeping his current role. Now imagine that, the Masons including a doublevoter with powerful one-shots, the vigilante and the doctor. Sadly, it was not to be. I resolved this dilemma by altering Eisen's win condition: in fluff, the masons had rejected his request because him not meeting their standards of hygene(him being the doc and needing to be sterile and such, he was actually too clean Razz), so I turned him into the Anti-Mason. He'd just win with the town, if all Masons were dead. The big impact of this change was the night smash died, as he opted to protect himself instead of him.

He did survive to the endgame and here, once again, he shined. Being put under pressure by a jailed Raya and Minby, he fought back, correctly pointing out Minby's lack of claim, which should have made the people trusting Minby(Spoon) more aware of his ambiguous situation. We talked a bit on the phone, and in that call he correctly narrowed down the remaining Mafians besides Avalanche. Then he got the dubious honour of being the last person lynched before the rest of the town got endgamed.

Eisen is still an underestimated player, who is undoubtedly the King of the Endgame. Once the field is narrowed down and he has the facts, he has the instinct and the guts to act, snuffing out the Mafia. Don't be fooled by his dodgy English. He has a sharp mind and is not afraid to use it.

1. First you know my weaknesses very well. Beer and Nachos are great. Very Happy Next week would be great.

2. Now it is clear about the altering of my wish. Sad

3. Awesome!!! Thank you for the feedback. Wink By the way, thanks for your help to keep me informed.
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Re: TWBB Mafia Game 21: Dark Recesses - FINALE

Post  Fedaykin on Thu Nov 29, 2012 3:20 pm


Role: Roleblocker
Affiliation: Town
Character: Misfit Flameshield

You're a tough guy, not giving any shits about nobody. You like getting into brawls and as a rather silent type, let your fists do the talking for you. With those evil dudes showing up, you got new opportunities to beat the living crap out of more people. No reason for complaining here.


At night, you go brutalise another player, preventing them from doing any nightactions. But that's not all, oh no! You can also choose to stay at your place, beating up the first player visiting you, essentially roleblocking the first action done onto you. Every following action is unaffected, as you are „busy“.

Additionally, you can stage one big fight during the game at any time you desire, ending the current phase. When used at day, it acts as lynchstop as well, as everybody is too busy cheering you on.

Things tend to get interesting, once DRTJR lives past D1. He had to burn the lynchstop right away to prevent the bandwagon led by himself(requesting a fold chair to Avos's head, I happily complied). He actually forgot to act N1, but things took an interesting twist with him recieving a corrupted wish, reviving Avos through the magic powers of Thor's hammer. During that phase, he decided to get into the wrestler act, throwing his vote on barda like almost everybody else. Once again, he was lucky to live, as Spoon cancelled the double lynch in the last moment. Next phase was centered around him and td, Surge pushing for td while Snake for the wrestlemaniac. In the end, he didn't survive thanks to his own defense, but thanks to Surge's effort to see td hang. N2, again, he didn't act. D3 was uneventful, while in N3, him acting finally payed off and he managed to save a townie's life: his own. He had decided to knock out Snake, but Snake was driven with smash thanks to Camilla, preventing a fatal error. From D4 on, he went more and more into Wrestle Mode, which didn't prove to be very helpful, but at least amusing. D5, he got lucky again: The Mafia put Spoon's vote on DRTJR, leading to a tie between him and Outlaw, which he barely survived thanks to a coinflip.

After Snake's death, he went back to his old routine of targeting Raya with his power, disabling her rolescan and after winning Surge's power, made her speak German. On the final day, his decision to lynch Avalanche was a rather good one, as a Av-lynch would have bought the town more time.

Regarding the one shot, this is one of two major fuck-ups I had. I actually forgot to tell him, that he had won in the arena. He asked me about it during the next day, so I facepalmed at my own stupidity. He didn't waste any time, once he got the answer, and sent me this:

[quote=“DRTJR“]Becomes mist and can't be hit or do anything,
Mummy, until the next night phase all that act against her is mummy,
Now is a sk
Must speak in German[/quote]

Rather creative, if you ask me. I immediately rolled the dice, coming up with the German speech restriction. So, German Spont Mode happened. I was a happy man(until Req jailed Raya Razz).

All in all, I don't think, that his Wrestler schtick hurt too much, since people tend to ignore his posts, unless somebody is looking for an easy lynch victim. He was a positive force for the town, albeit a hidden once and if the game had gone on a bit longer, he would have helped to secure a town victory.


12) barda

Role: Time Traveling Timebomb
Affilation: Town
Character: Dr. Albrecht Zweifels

You always dreamt about going to the future and marvel at the progress mankind will make. You spent countless sleepless nights at your laboratory to complete the project of your life: the first fully functional time machine!

You didn't have the time to iron out all the little flaws and bugs, so your device is still very susceptible to outside influence... with disastrous consequences. Now, that the Nightmares threaten the land, you have also looked into ways to weaponize your discovery as well...


You are a bomb this game, but not just an ordinary one. If you should be nightkilled, you take your attacker with you. If you should fall victim to a lynch, you may take one of the persons voting for you down(send me a PM, who it should be).

Once in the game, you are able to set up somebody the bomb. You choose a target at any time and charge up your time machine, catapulting you out of the spacetime continuum, leaving the game. 3 phases later, you re-enter the game in a blaze of glory, killing your target This kill is completely unblockable, undriveable, not redirectable. In the meantime though, your target is completely invulnerable to any harm done to prevent a time paradox.

I honestly believe, that this was the best role barda could have gotten. Instead of laying low, he chose to go all out, guns blazing on D2. He drew a connection between DRTJR's wrestler speech and smash's German. His aggressive behaviour and theories made people jump on him, all according to his plan. He hoped to draw out mafians from the dark, then fired up the time machine shortly before his lynch, aiming for DF, killing her N3. The weird part: he could have killed her at the end of D2 already, but chose to use his special. But hey, I don't mind at all, I had fun writing it Razz


13) DarkFalco

Role: Tracker
Affiliation: Town
Character: K9

In a long series of failed experiments, finally there is success: you! You are K9, first fully operational robodog investigator. The spectrometer implemented into your proud, long snout is capable of miracles in tracking down culprits! Being a prototype though, you're just able to follow one track at a time, forgetting about the previous one instantly when you get a new trace.


Every night, you can track another player and see, who they acted upon. Alternativly, you can lay in wait at the police station and backtrack the first person acting on you that night. Good luck, Detective!

DF was quite busy with RL, but managed to stay active and to post several times per dayphase and didn't shy back from voicing her own opinion, thinking for herself. I don't know exactly why, but she made herself suspicious in barda's eyes, making him use the timejump. D3, she didn't have time to participate and during N3 I sent her a message forshadowing her doom. I gave her a final opportunity to voice her opinions, as it would have been unfair to her to die without sharing her results.

Speaking of which, she tracked Raya N1(first being scrambled and then attracted by Cal, essentially roleblocking her, N2 Weldar(who was in jail) and finally Snake in N3, who was driven with smash by Camilla, who in turn was roleblocked by DRTJR. That's what I call a streak of bad luck.


14) smashbro

Role: Vigilante
Affiliation: Town
Character: Seargant Mannerheim

You used to be the pride of the Army, storming enemy fortifications with your platoon, your trusty machine gun on your hip, spouting one-liners and terrible puns as you mowed down Charlies to your left and right. Then, there was this...incidient... which has left your psyche in a delicate state. You were forced to retire, but now, with the Nightmares advancing, you find yourself in the battle yet again.


You have the magical ability to create large holes in other players. You may choose to kill a target you deem worthy of dying. During the dayphase, you can announce to Kill: Player, leaving you unable to shoot the next nightphase. Same applies the other way round, if you shoot at night, you can't shoot during the next day. Keep a cool head and aim well, for everybody's sake...

I think smash was one of the best vigilantes on this forum so far. He played very carefully, only shooting when he was sure he'd hit scum. Which was very lucky for the town: you see, if he had killed three townies, he would have turned into a SK, gone mad with bloodrage Razz

Smash is a player who always attracts attention. He was immediately labeled as dangerous by the Mafia, they pretzeled him immediatly, while Spoon picked him as his Masonbud. While the restriction itself wasn't as much as a hindrance as I hoped for(I never use translators), it did make communication harder for the Masons. As you can read on the board, they picked up on Relmitos rather quickly, Raya got their attention too rather early. As a team, they worked really well...but then Spoon died. Smash was rather annoyed by these turn of events, since he had been looking forward to the cooperation. In thread, he chose to keep a low profile, but always provided reason for his votes. He also won a one-shot protect in the arena that day. N3, he chose to shoot for the first time, picking DRTJR, as he wasn't sure about his alignment. Thanks to Camilla's driving, this didn't happen. I don't exactly remember, when smash got the corrupted wish, but after some time of intense decision-making, he used it to resurrect Spoon N4, while sending in a kill on Raya. Calhalla took the shot though, saving the Mafia Mastermind.

The next day, with Spoon back in business, he was contacted by Minby, the traitor's first successful step to sway the Masons to his side, getting smash to claim his role. Once again, he was pit int he arena against Avalanche, losing the match, which would make the following day rather interesting. This day however, he proceeded to attack Raya, but backed down after her response. N5, he chose to brotect Spoon.

D6 was intense. Avalanche's obviously scummy behaviour and kill threats made smash pull the trigger because of Spoon's absence. Outing himself that way painted a huge crosshair on his face, which probably annoyed him as much as Avalanche not biting the dust. He's fuy intensified tenfold when the lynch didn't work either. I think he knew, that the Mafia would come next for him. He would have survived, if Eisen hadn't been turned into the Anti-Mason.

All in all, I really enjoyed watching smash and Spoon do their magic behind the scenes. Smash's German was hilarious(looking at the translations back into English, he felt like barda Razz) and there is one gem I feel I have to point out:

Smashy B wrote:Du warst es, nicht wahr?

Du warst der leicht übergewichtige Mann, der mir angeboten die Brezel. Eine Delikatesse aus Ihrer Heimat. Sagen, es ist so!

Sie nicht auf mir liegen, Frau!

Google Translate wrote:It was you, do not you?

You were the slightly overweight man who offered me the pretzel. A delicacy from your home. Say it is so!

Do not lie to me, woman!

The last sentence actually means „Do not lie ontop of me, woman!“ Razz

Smash played well, thoughtful and I hope you still enjoyed the ride despite getting mad at the end Razz


15) SnakeInABox

Role: Watcher
Affiliation: Town
Character: Jay Arthur

You just love your trusty telescope. You can't count the times you used it to gaze on the stars and...well... other stuff. Luckily, people don't know about your hobby and you intended to keep it that way. The arrival of the Nightmares changed this, though. In an unexpected jolt of heroism, you founded the local Neighbourhood Watch. Sadly, you're the only member, since you actually don't go out and talk to other people.


At night, you can spy on another player, seeing if anybody visited them. But you might choose, that this is not enough for you: if you choose so, you can watch two people at night, but since you need to move your telescope, you can't watch them at the same time(also setting up your telescope takes a bit), reducing your chance of success to 33% on each target.

Snake's a player, who also leaves an impact in the games he gets to play. He pushed aggressivly against DRTJR D1, while laying low during D2, softclaiming in thread, revealing the info he had gathered N1(Camilla acting on DRTJR). Another reason for laying low was his prominent position in the arena, battling td. He won the duel in the end, learning about td's role. N2, he watched smashbro but got nothing. The other thing he got was a wish: he used it to turn his new found love Surge and himself into reverse lovers: every action done upon them would effect both except death. His plan was to use the candlejack ability he had won and grab sweet powers this way for both himself and Surge. Unfortunately for them, I had to subvert it: every negative action would affect both, including death. D3, he again pushed against DRTJR, believing in td's innocence and also a nice way to distance himself from Surge in public. At night, he watched DRTJR again, with no result. D4 was rather uneventful, he just jumped in to defend Weldar. N4, he was killed by the Mafia, not because they thought he was particulary dangerous, but they believed him to be the traitor.

It's a real shame, that Snake died so soon, his schemes are always very intelligent and highly amusing. I would have loved to see, what other ideas he might have had and how much headaches he would have created for me by being too creative Razz I really enjoyed watching you play and I agree: you would have done amazing things with the hipster role Smile

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Re: TWBB Mafia Game 21: Dark Recesses - FINALE

Post  Smashy B on Thu Nov 29, 2012 4:04 pm

Fedaykin wrote:Smash played well, thoughtful and I hope you still enjoyed the ride despite getting mad at the end Razz
I humbly accept the sandpaper dildo award. I'd like to thank Avalanche and the rest of the mafia for making this possible. But most importantly, I'd like to thank Spoonman for being there with me every step of the way, in person and in spirit. :B

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Re: TWBB Mafia Game 21: Dark Recesses - FINALE

Post  DRTJR on Fri Nov 30, 2012 5:11 pm

WOO! I was half-way decent! which loops around to my original point. nobody reads my posts so maybe I got a little bit more traction than usual.

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Re: TWBB Mafia Game 21: Dark Recesses - FINALE

Post  Fedaykin on Mon Dec 10, 2012 2:34 pm

The Mafia

Before I go into the role details, I'd like to say something about the ideas behind the team design I had here.I knew from the start, that I wanted to have a Zeus-type role in this and built the team around it accordingly. The Godfather should give the Mafia the opportunity to take risks, play aggressivly and go to the offensive. The Baker was a support, cancelling out the Mayor's doublevote every other day, if so desired. The Rolescanner would deliver intel, while making roleclaims punishable through the unblockablekill-mechanic. The Lightningrod could have been either used activly or passivly. The Djinn was the wildcard, bound to the creativity of others. Finally, the Traitor could discretly gather information, manipulate, get into a position of trust.

When you look closely at these roles and the powers they wield, all but the Zeus' abilities could also work on the Town's side as well, making plausible roleclaims possible. This was one of the factors leading to the Mafia's victory, as Raya's claim wasn't scummier than the rest.

Finally, I noticed the criticism about Avalanche's immunities. For starters, when I designed the team, I felt like the Mafia ended up being underpowered. Secondly, I had no idea how the wishes would influence the game, same with the Hipster. If Sah had chosen to absorb them or something, it would have worked.


1) TheTJ

Role: Evil Djinn
Affiliation: Mafia
Character: Dark Nicolas Cage

You are world famous actor Nicolas Cage. Or at least, you just look like him. Nothing could be farther from the truth. As an ancient Spirit of Malevolance, you seek nothing but to bring sorrow and misery to innocent souls, using this disguise to get close to your victims and witness the suffering you inflict first hand. You pretend to fullfill their secret desires by granting them a wish... that turns into the polar opposite... then you feast on their tears... As the Nightmares enjoy making people suffer as much as you do has made you join forces with them.


You are a magical being, with the power to grant people you want to see suffer a wish. The wish will be twisted and harm the user or the user's alignment, depending on the magnitude of the wish. You start with three wishes to distribute at night. You might hand them out all at once or distribute them in any pace you like. You get another three wishes to hand out, once all of them have been used up or they have expired. Unused wishes expire after two phases, a single player can only hold onto a single wish any given time.

Additionally, if you manage to trick five people into using their wish, you gain a pure, uncorrupted wish for yourself.

Have fun watching your enemies' dreams crumble!

Your partners in crime are Viero, Raya, Outlaw and Callhalla.

In thread, TJ was more on the silent side, only popping in once or twice due to the workload he needed to manage. People eventually started to look funny at him, critizising not only the lack of activity, but also the lack of meaningful content in the posts themselves. This led to his eventual downfall. Hadn't Avalanche made his move and killed Weldar during D6, it would have been likely for him to go to the gallows, as the Masons already had singled him out as scum. Since smash had already used his shot during the day, the brave Mayor took him down, but was unable to save his partner from TJ's wrath.

Behind the scenes, TJ proved to be critical to the Mafia's success. Since Johnny went missing early on, he had free reign and was able to use the wishes for maximum effect.

Short list of who got a wish and what they actually did in the end:

DRTJR: revive Avos with Thor's Hammer while I play unfitting music → Avos revived as Mafia Zombie

td260: the power to return from the dead, find Mafians and do something about it → after the resurrection, he was turned into a reverse comparison scanner with a single vig-shot

SurgePox: one-shot self-revive → was cancelled by the good wish

Snake: turn Surge and himself into reverse-lovers → only negative efffects were shared, including death

Eisenbeißer: join the Masons, but keep current powers → was turned into the Anti-Mason

smashbro: bring Spoonman back with all his powers recharged → did so, but his vote was secretly controlled by the Mafia. I actually stated on the Mafia board, that harmful powers would only work with 33% probability of success, but then scratched that, because it would have been too harsh. I seem to have forgotten to mention that on the board, but since nobody commented anyway...

With the 5th wish granted, TJ could finally use an uncorrupted one himself. He went a bit over the top.

TheTJ wrote:OK, so I want to do two things with this role, I want to make almost certain that we win the game (Without making it just be over) but I also want to make sure that if it backfires it doesn't cripple the mafia. So here's my wish.

I wish that I, and only I, am affected by this wish, and only this wish, which is to have my role changed to the below role starting at the beggining of the soonest night phase and ending when Game 21 is over.

By "I, and only I" it is meant that no other player, setting, or game mechanic is to be changed as a result of this wish. By "and only this wish" it is meant that I will not be changed further than what is stated here.

The role I'm changing to is LORD ENGLISH, as the role is described below.

Doc Scratch wrote:Role: LORD ENGLISH
Alignment: Mafia, LORD ENGLISH

You are Lord English, devourer of Universes. This one is no different. You have always been here, you have always already destroyed this universe, it just doesn't realize it's dead.

The LORD ENGLISH role is ONLY attached to TheTJ. It cannot be overwritten, it can not be changed, it can not be stolen, it can not be copied, it's powers cannot be used by other people. Nothing said or done by other players can affect the role in any way.

Powers used on LORD ENGLISH do not work. Night kills, scans, protection, jailing, bussing, blocking, or anything yet to be invented or stated all fail when targeting LORD ENGLISH in any way.

LORD ENGLISH can only die in one scenario. This Scenario is if there is a unanimous vote by non mafians to lynch him. The number of non-mafians must be 4 or more.

LORD ENGLISH has the "Ghost Killer" Power. When a player dies, it's ghost is killed by LORD ENGLISH. All ressurections fail and deathspeaking does not work. When LORD ENGLISH enters the game he kills all pre-existing ghosts.

When LORD ENGLISH makes a kill, it is unblockable.


This is what he got instead:

Role: Tactician
Affiliation: Mafia
Character: Lord English

Congratulations, you successfully transformed from one demon into another. Instead of having power over people's wishes, you now command your own loyal gang, The Felt. Every member has a special ability, but by using this ability, you also sacrifice the goon.

Here is the list:

Itchy – targeted player will be super fast, making their night action unwatchable/untrackable

Doze – any ability hitting the target needs 2 phases to take an effect.

Trace – targeted player's previous nightaction will be tracked

Clover – target is incredibly lucky the next phase, always deciding anything in their favour(coinflips etc)

Fin - track a future trail, essentially forcing a player to act on another next nightphase

Crowbar - roleblock

Stitch - change targeted player's affiliation on flip to anything you like

Sawbuck – nexus, action done on player are randomized. Chance of success is 75%

Matchsticks – cover up the affiliation of the lynch/nightkill

Eggs – call temporal backup: doubles vote value for a day, leaves you without vote the day after.

Biscuits – hide in your oven to timetravel into the future at the speed of 1 second per second

Quarters – drive two players by flipping coins

He just got to use a single one-shot, changing Raya's affiliation to flip as Mason. I don't think, that this was the best possible move, since the Masons were still alive and kicking and that any actual member flipped as „Town and Mason“.

All in all, TJ is a skilled player, who can leave an impact, when he has time at his hands. His wish was very creative, I'll give you that, but far from anything I could allow.


2) Outlaw

Role: German Pretzel
Affiliation: Mafia
Character: Herr Manker

Heralding from a lineage, that has been in the baking industry forever, it was just natural for you to enter the family business once you were able to hold a rolling pin. You have always been rather excentric with your recipees, to the dismay of your business partners. Creations like the vinegar-flavoured chocolate buns led people to question your sanity. After taking over the company and promptly going bankrupt, you blame society for not appreciating your finer tastes. Together with the Nightmares, you shall show those ignorant bastards!


You are the Mafia baker in this game. You created some interesting treats to bring under the folk:

1) German Pretzel: The salty snack that makes every beer tent complete. Your target is forced to talk German in thread, PM's and boards for an entire day/night cycle.
2) Iced Arsenic Cake: Very delicious and rather deadly. This is a delayed nightkill, target dies at the end of the next nightphase. Can be cured by a doctor visit.
3) Buff Bagel: Tastes awesome and makes you feel like a demigod. Your target will feel a surge of energy, doubling the value of their vote.

Since you need some time to bake new goods, you can't use the same treat twice in a row.

Your partners in crime are Viero, Raya, Callhalla and The TJ.

Outlaw showed a lot of activity, being present in the thread, although most of them were rather short and climbed on bandwagons. This invoked the ire of Relmitos, starting the push on him on D5. At first, it looked like he would make it, as people(smash and Weldar particullary) started a push on Raya, who in turn deflected it onto Camilla. Spoon saw this as a good opportunity to use his double-lynch, since both had appeared to sheep. Since the Mafia already controlled Spoon's vote, they chose to put it on DRTJR, tieing the two for second place. The resulting coinflip ultimately doomed the Baker.

Behind the scenes, Outlaw was able to beat Eisen in the arena on D3 in a photo-finish. On the sideboard, he was active at well, contributing with suggestions.

Action-wise, the Mafia never utilized the Arsenic Cake, but the other two treats evenly(the Pretzel on smash N1 and Surge N3, the Bagel on himself both N2 and N4). I am still surprised, that the speech restriction had hardly any impact, to be honest. In my limited experience, translators butcher the results so much that you have a hard time to get what is going on, but apparently, they improved.

Btw, the Cake was inspired by this:


German version's still better, imo Razz


3) Calhalla

Role: Lightningrod
Affiliation: Mafia
Character: Perkele

You are the ancient Finnish God of Thunder. You once ruled over a pantheon, now you're on the same level of popularity as that red horned dude. You've been reduced to listening to a certain AC/DC song and dream about the times long past, when the Nightmares found you, offering you a way to regain your lost glory. Tempted by their offer, you accepted. What do you have to lose? Now you get the chance to prove to everybody, that you still have the spark.


As the mighty Thundergod, you have the ability to attract actions done onto another player to you, converting them into one-shot abilities for you to use. If you are ale to attract multiple actions, you need to choose one of them to keep, the other ones will lose their effect.

Be careful though, if you attract a kill, you will die! The only exception to the rule is the Mafia nightkill.

Your partners in crime are Viero, Raya, Outlaw and The TJ.

The guy with the highest killcount was the least active from the entire bunch. He kept avoiding a modkill/subbing just barely, popping in every now and then with the promise to show more activity.

Raya assumed direct control, using his ability as a sort of doctoring. Indeed, N1 Calhalla managed to draw a drive and a track off her. It was successfully used a second time during N4, when Weldar tried to make her fight in the arena and more importantly, smash's bullet.


4) Raya

Role: Rolescanner/punisher
Affiliation: Mafia
Character: Hound of Tindalos

You are a creature older than life, born and living in the angles, preying on the curve-born creatures. Nobody knows, how you can possibly exist or even what you are looking like(probably because everybody who ever saw you is now dead). You have been attracted by the promise of violence and bloodshed. It is easier to hunt in a pack, but what comes after your victory, is a totally different story...


You sniff out the secrets of your enemies and to exploit them mercilessly. At night, you may ask me to reveal you a random role PM of any non-scum player. Alternativly, when doing a nightkill for your team, if you are able to match a player with the corresponding role, your kill becomes absolutely unblockable. Good hunting!

Your partners in crime are Viero, Outlaw, Callhallan and TheTJ.

There she is, the mastermind behind the Mafia's victory. Not hesitating for a second, she took command the moment she logged on the sideboard. Every major move had been orchestrated by Raya, except for the two times she had been thrown into jail.

In the thread, her strength didn't lay in the overall amount of posts, but the quality of the content. A good deal of those were directed against Weldar as soon as D2, after he had claimed 3rd party, doubting his straightforwardness. That said, her voting pattern and reasoning for it did draw suspicion, most prominently from smash and Weldar, culminating in her being targeted by smash during N4 and then being called out on D5:

Firstly, for voting td D1 for the „restriction“, but then voting DRTJR when both were up for the lynch. Secondly, for jumping on the barda and Johnny-wagons with flimsy reasoning.

A tough spot, but Raya managed to deflect the building bandwagon upon Camilla by pointing out her lack of actual content in her post and offering a roleclaim(and proving it in the process). It got her off the hook and into Requiem's custody the following night to protect her from the Mafa. In fact, the Masons went as far as considering using their recruit-one shot on Raya. It would have failed, of course, since she was in jail, but the consequences would have been very interesting.

As we all know, things got heated when both smash and Avalanche pulled the trigger the next day. Instead of waiting for the writeup, she went on to vote her scumbuddy anyway, As smash pointed out, it made her look like she knew, that he'd survive the shot.

N6, Raya was mindcontrolled by Relmitos into voting Surge. As the Mafia still had the dayshot left, she proceeded attacking Relmitos and had Avalanche shoot Surge. To be honest, I was a tad disappointed seeing her taking the easy way out. Not to mention, that Relm was rather annoyed too and I fully understand him. Mindcontrolling powers aren't fun, if people give their all to go against the spirit of the action. The only thing I could do as an appology to Relm was to grant his request of hitting Raya with his broom during the lynch.

Then, the final day. It had such a beautiful setup...German Spont Mode...and then Req dayjailed her. Yes, I was a bit mad Razz And Raya was scared shitless, when Req revealed, that he could kill her in that little cell. She frantically tried to sow suspicion, implying that Eisen and Sah weren't as innocent as people believed them to be. With confusion all around and the town unable to focus on one target, Spoon ordered the kill on Raya. Not convinced himself and deeply troubled, Req chose to trust his gut and let her live. Well, soon after his guts were ripped out Razz

Raya scanned these roles:

N1: roleblocker
N2: hipster
N3: traitor
N4: mayor
N5: jailed
N6: roleblocked
N7: doctor

Ultimately, Raya didn't play without mistakes, but her presence was strong enough to make people believe her despite the suspicion towards her. If Avalanche was the brawns, Raya was the brains of the Mafia. She played hard and gave her all and led her team to victory in an admirable showmanship of skill and willpower. It was very fun to watch you scheme and plot and I know, if I ever roll 3rd party, I'll stay the hell away of you Razz


5) Viero/King Avalanche

Role: Zeus
Affiliation: Mafia
Character: Andrew Hussie

You are Andrew Hussie, legendary creator of MSPaintadventures, internet sensation and legendary playboy. Ok, not playboy, but definately a celebrity. Also you have no idea, how you got here. The last thing you remember, is driving home after an extensive stay at an Olive Garden resteraunt. It got late and the next thing you know, you are surrounded by a bunch of weirdos calling themselves Nightmares, proclaiming you to be the chosen one to lead them. You really don't know what to say about that, so you accepted.


You are the Godfather this game, but with some major changes:

1) You are nigh unkillable at start.
2) You can't perform the Mafia nightkill.

However, this is subject to change:

Once your numbers drop to three, you must give up either your nightkill immunity OR your ability to survive lynches. You are now able to perform the Mafia nightkill.

Once you are the last Mafian alive, you lose any innate protection, your kills become unblockable though.

Additionally, once in the game, you are able to tell somebody about Homestuck: you may sacrifice one of your Mafian goons to convert a single non-Mafian to your side. Consider your choice wisely, though, you only have one try! Some people may be immune to your charm and wits(if you attempt to recruit somebody, who isn't recruitable, your shot will be wasted, but your teammate will survive).

Your partners in crime are Raya, Outlaw, Callhalla and TheTJ.

This was the role I centered the entire Mafia around. A tank, capable of drawing fire and not go down instantly. And that's what Avalanche did, but more to that later.

Viero realized, that he couldn't maintain the level of activity required to successfully play the entire game, so he asked to be subbed out during N2. Luckily for me(and the Mafia), Avalanche jumped in and was pleasantly surprised by the role he got Razz People took almost immediatly a closer look at him because of his odd voting.

Things got an interesting twist, once Avalanche had to fight smashbro in the arena during D5. Once again, it was a very close battle, which he was able to decide in his favour about half an hour before nightfall. To be perfectly honest, I expected them to use the shot immediatly, Roy using the shot and TJ performing the regular kill. They proved to be cleverer than me. Eventually, Avalanche did the nightkill on td, deeming TJ to be more valuable.

D6 set the stage for the Huss. Smash and Weldar were in contact(thanks to a power Weldar had aquired through candlejacking), both were concerned about what Avalanche would do. Once he had hinted at daykilling someone, the vigilante didn't hesitate. As we all know, Roy survived the shot and took Weldar down himself. The town proceeded to hang him, without success.

D7, the Huss striked again: considering Surge to be the most dangerous left outside of their control, he was shot using the daykill instead of the nightkill.

On the final day, Avalanche had to face the remaining town alone, as Raya had been jailed one more time. Luckily, the town was devided on what to do, so he could get Eisen lynched with the help of Spoon's doublevote, bringing the count down to 3 vs 3, ensuring the Mafia victory.

I really had a lot of fun seeing Roy in action, especially once he outed himself. You could tell, how much he was enjoying himself and he was everything I could have wanted for this role. Thanks a lot!


6) Minby_Aran

Role: Traitor/Evil Towncrier
Affiliation: Mafia
Character: Lord Snufflebottom the Third, Queen of the Water Lillies, Duke of the fifteenth Reich, left brigadier-general of the pantsless.

You are a mighty and noble warrior, descendant of noble heritage and a warhero. At least that's what you tell people, when they have a minute to listen. And they do listen to you, the weird homeless, who loves to hold speeches at public places. You have become something like a town mascot... exactly as you had planned it all along. You are the Nightmare Vanguard, worming yourself into the trust of the townspeople, gathering information. Now your time has come. You just need to get into contact with you comrades. They know, that one of their own is already here, but don't know, that it is you...yet.


You are a traitor to the town in this game. Your job is to gain trust and information, sow confusion and keep the town's attention away from your team.

You have the ability to link with any non-scum player during the night, granting you anonymous communication via the host. At the end of the dayphase, the link is broken and cannot be re-established.

Once a day, you may send me a PM to be posted as public announcement.

If the Mafia attempts to nightkill you, the kill will fail and you'll gain access to the Mafia forum.

The your partners in crime are Viero, Raya, Outlaw, Callhalla and TheTJ.

Now Minby did exactly what the role asked of him: get into contact with important townies and learn their secrets. In the thread, he kept low, while he spread his web behind the scenes.


7) Avos

Role: Zombie
Affiliation: Mafia
Character: Lady Luck

You have been brought back by the power of a corrupted wish, joining the ranks of the Nightmares. Not for too long though! The power of the wish is just able to sustain your undead body for two phases.


In the night, you may act upon somebody, scaring them shitless, making them run away in panic(essentially roleblocking). Thanks to your undead nature, you can't be harmed in any way. You can soak up bullets like a sponge water. During the following dayphase, you may post in the game thread, but are restricted to Zombie-speech(this restriction is not enabled on the Mafia forum).

If you should be lynched, the lynch is passed down to the next one in line, while you crumble to dust. Upon your final demise, your affiliation will flip as Zombie.

Your partners in crime are Viero, Raya, Outlaw, TheTJ and Calhalla.

The first result of a resurrection gone wrong, but Avos didn't mind at all, on the contrary. He immediatly suggested using his roleblock on Weldar(who was having a nice chat with Requiem instead), believing him to be one of the bigger threats.

Fun thing: Avos came up with the restriction himself, I'd have been content with a few moans and cries for brains, but he took it to a new level. During the day, people didn't seem to give too much about his brief return to the world of the living, as they were busy watching td's and Surge's clash, though it wasn't because of lack of effort.


Link to the Mafia sideboard:

since I lost the admin password, I can't unlock it. Just log in with Guest, password: twbb21

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Re: TWBB Mafia Game 21: Dark Recesses - FINALE

Post  .. on Mon Dec 10, 2012 3:06 pm

Had I not died to a DAMN COIN TOSS, Avalanche would have come out and drawn attention away from me for a few days.

He apparently did it anyways.


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Re: TWBB Mafia Game 21: Dark Recesses - FINALE

Post  TheTJ on Mon Dec 10, 2012 10:23 pm

So yeah, at first I was just going to wish that our votes were be doubled in the mafia's favor, but then decided to just go for it and see what I could get.

I'm perfectly aware my wish was a game ender, but in my defense, so's Lord English in general.

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Re: TWBB Mafia Game 21: Dark Recesses - FINALE

Post  Fedaykin on Mon Dec 10, 2012 11:24 pm

So yeah, I'm sorry for the delay here, I'll have this finished by thursday, latest.

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Re: TWBB Mafia Game 21: Dark Recesses - FINALE

Post  Raya on Tue Dec 18, 2012 1:53 pm

I've been a lazy ass and not replying for ages. Sorry Fed.

I really enjoyed this game. Was the most fun I've had in mafia for a while Smile The setup and roles were very imaginative, the mafia worked well together and overall it was pretty well run game.

Oh gawd, that final day. Fed was right, Req, you scared me shitless when you came out and revealed you could kill me in the cell. I had no idea and promptly saw it costing us the game. If you'd killed me Av would have lost all his protection, and since everyone knew he was mafia...our only chance would have been him recruiting Minby proper. I'd guessed Minby was our traitor a few nights back, but since I was locked up I couldn't communicate it to the others. Seriously, Req's decision whether or not to kill me was probably the most important moment of the game. I was bricking myself! Thanks for not doing so Req Wink

Speaking of which...GERMAN SPONT MODE. What the hell guys! You should have heard Fed's laughter and my howls when he broke this to me. Then Fed's howls when I got jailed Razz

So yeah, I loved this game. I had loads of fun. Well done mafians, and I ook forward to your next game Fed!

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Re: TWBB Mafia Game 21: Dark Recesses - FINALE

Post  Minby_Aran on Tue Dec 18, 2012 2:16 pm

There was one point where I was so sure you were going to push for me to be lynched, and I talked to Fed saying "Welp, this sucks. She's gonna get me killed." It was pretty funny, actually, lol.

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Re: TWBB Mafia Game 21: Dark Recesses - FINALE

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