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Vivienne's Digital World of Fun and Games! Digimon Card Battle LP

Post  Vivienne Vexx on Wed Jun 04, 2014 9:10 am

 "Hello everyone! Guys who's back!? And this time I have decided to go into the FUTURE!....And also play a card game. I know what you must all be thinking. "What about Digimon World?" Well some dick lost the save for it. So we are going to be working on getting back to where we were in that. But for now. We will be playing through Digimon Card Battle. Which is a card game for the PS1 that is somewhat of a squeal to Digimon World One. So enjoy!" 

 "OK so Polygon Battles. They are special effects that happen during the battle phase. They bring you to a arena and just show 3D models of each Digimon attacking. It looks awesome but it makes the battles go on much longer than they should. So I will show it off when it fits."

 "Alright, for this. During the battles if you fulfill certain things you will get bonus EXP along with the base EXP. As you level up your partner Digimon they will get better stats and more options to change up how they can be used.

Real quick these are the kinds of cards you can use and what they do. 

Fire (Red)
Digimon with this property have powerful attack points, with low HP and average digivolve points of 10-20. The support effect of these Digimon mainly focus on adding attack points.

Ice (Blue)
Digimon with this property have high HP and possess attack-sealing/counter B x attack, with low attack points and average digivolve points of 10-20. Their support effects mainly focus on HP recovery and attack stealing. 

Nature (Green)
Digimon with this property have high digivolve points of 10-30 (mostly 20-30), with average HP and attack points. 

Darkness (Black)
Digimon with this property have very high attack points, with varying HP and low digivolve points of 0-20. Their support effects are mainly about sacrificing for gain. 

Rare (Yellow)
Digimon with this property have very powerful support effect, with low attack points, HP and average digivolve points of 10-20. Their support effects include making own HP same as foe's or vice versa as well as forcing the opponent to discard cards from his hand, DP slot, or deck. "

 "The first of the decks is Veemon. He uses Fire and Darkness cards so he is a very good deck if you just want to bum rush the other guy. I would put it in 2nd though in terms of how good the starting deck is. Attack is nice and all but there is another one that is over powered to hell."

 "Hawkmon is the next one. He comes with mostly Green and some Rare. His main focus is on quick digivolving and special effects. But I would put it last on the list of starters not because it is bad but because as it is it is the hardest to use at the start due to the low attack."

 "And now for this cheap bastard. Basically Rare is garbage in everything but spcial effects. But their special effects are CRAZY good. TO the point where it kind feels like cheating. It is the best startin deck and is exactly the reason I will not be picking it. Instead I will be picking Hawkmon as I want to change it up and a bit and make things interesting for you guys!"

  "Look at that sexy guy. Yeaaaaaah"

  "Alright Mr. Greeny! I'm coming for you!"

 "OK so this is the menu that you see in every city. Battle Cafe is where we have to go as we always need to talk to someone to be able to enter the Battle Arena. Which is where we go to fight in the tournament. Menu is where you can edit your deck, check your partner Digimon and edit him as well as well as save. Players room is just where all the statistics go such as cards collected and win/loss rate."

 "Mr.Green! It's been awhile!"

 *Sits down stary eyed*

 "Alright! And I even got this new ability since last time. Watch. RECORDING PROGRAM, ACTIVATE!"

 "Alright, so that's how the game is played! Alright, let's check in with Jijimon"


 "...Alright Jijimons....bastard child? I don't know. I'm going to go kick your ass now. Cya in a bit!"
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