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  2. DarkFalco
    Humor : i find many things funny.....
  3. Dobs
    Humor : Relentless sarcasm
    Rank: Cannibal Suspect
  4. Eiron
  5. GreenArcher628
    Humor : Black, opposite my men.
    Rank: Cannibal Suspect
  6. Hans
    Humor : I take pleasure in other people's misfortune.
    Rank: Wario's Bodyguard
  7. Herr Wozzeck
    Humor : Uh, Monty Python...?
    Rank: Corrupt Officer
  8. HylianLink
    Humor : Crazy whit a mushroom on the hand
    Rank: Corrupt Officer
  9. I Roam
  10. jumpingwhitebean
    Humor : I like to think I have some.
    Rank: Dedede's Enforcer
Smashy B
Smashy B

Rank: Guardian of the Kingdom
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