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*is not sure where to bow*

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*is not sure where to bow*  Empty *is not sure where to bow*

Post  Jake Sky on Tue Nov 09, 2010 12:02 am

Before I say anything, I wasn't entirely sure where to put this because all the topics looked like they were official stuff and whatnot. But, hey, if it's in the wrong place it'll be moved or deleted right? Anyways...

*bows in the greatness that is TWBB* I honestly can not say how awesome I thought this web series is. Great acting, amazing storyline, and the special effects were really good too. It was so good, and I'm just sorry I didn't catch onto this sooner. Great job to the actors and directors and everyone, I just think its amazing.

On a side note: Ok, so I literally just finished watching the series like, 5 minutes ago and I tried to explain who had died to my friend. You know what i found out? It was actually easier, to say who was still alive. XD Awesome, still, lol just saying. I thought that was hilarious.
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