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Dark Before The Dawn- RP thread

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Dark Before The Dawn- RP thread Empty Dark Before The Dawn- RP thread

Post  Raya on Tue Dec 14, 2010 6:15 am

The night is always darkest just before the dawn.
-- Traditional proverb

The night is always darkest just before it goes pitch black.
-- Connie Winkler

It was a dark and stormy night.

The night sky boiled with black storm clouds, the tumult mass writhing and smothering the land beneath in pitch darkness. The rain hammered down relentlessly, the banshee wind shrieking and flattening the grass. Lightning split the sky in bright instances of blue and purple, the rolling thunder drowning out all other noises. No living creature in their right minds would be out in a storm like this. was just what they were waiting for.

Two figures fought against the hurricane-force wind towards a forest on the horizon. The tallest, wrapped in a long cloak, led the way, struggling to stop his hood from blowing back off his head. Behind him followed a much smaller individual, almost childlike in stature, walking with an odd lope. The two stopped by the wildwood's edge and waited for the lightning to highlight the plain behind them, checking that they weren't being followed. Finally satisfied they were alone, they continued into the forest.

The trees offered slight protection from the tempest, the boughs creaking ominously as the wind threatened to tear them down. The leaf litter underfoot had transformed into a quagmire, clinging to their feet and slowing their progress. Silently the tall figure lead his companion deeper into the forest.

Eventually they came to a clearing, the edges ringed by an irregular circle of upright stones. In the centre rose a small hummock, paved with a smooth stone square. Carved onto this stone were ridges and marks, running in intricate patterns and swirls of runes. It was worn from constant exposure to the elements, but it was clear as to what it was- a summoning circle.

With the overhanging branches shielding him from the worst of the rain, the tall figure finally threw back his hood. He was a young man, perhaps in his 20s, his short brown hair plastered to his skull.

"We've made it, thank the Goddess."

The shorter figure removed his sodden cloak, throwing it to the side. Bizarrely he appeared to be a dog, standing on his hind legs in parody of a human- a kobold. He shook his fur dry, rung out the bottom of his tunic and growled.

"This had better be worth it."

The youth glared down at him from his considerably larger height "Isn't the salvation of the world a good enough reason?"

The kobold snorted "Isaac, you know this is stupid. It's not gonna work."

"Of course it will work! It has to work!"

"And what will you do if it doesn't?"

Isaac bit his tongue, looking out towards the summoning circle. Yes, there was a lot riding on this. His hopes, and the hopes of everyone in the Northlands, depended on it. And if it failed...

No, no it wouldn't fail. Their plan was too well worked out to fail. If it didn't work, then all was lost.

The Nameless Army had swept across the Northlands like a black tide, a blitzkrieg that had crushed all before it. The southernmost city states had fallen, their capitals torn apart beneath the onslaught. Seeing how useless direct assaults were on the silent black-clad soldiers, the resistance had instead placed their faiths in an old legend. Fighters from another world- warriors descended from Heaven- with intricate knowledge of the workings of their world would arise and stop the Nameless Army from overrunning the Northlands.

But as the weeks went by and the darkness crept steadily northwards a decision was made. Several small groups were sent out to the various summoning circles around the country, each with orders to summon up these heavenly warriors. It was much safer this way; if they had all tried summoning in one place and were found by a scouting party of the Army, then their final hope of victory would be snuffed out in a suitably bloody fashion.

So that was why Isaac and his companion, a bad tempered kobold named Gon, had braved the tempest to reach the circle. With the storm providing perfect cover, everything was set.

"Watch my back," spoke Isaac "If anyone comes, kill them. We can't have witnesses."

Gon shrugged and drew his sword, prowling around the clearing's edge. Ignoring him, Isaac went forward and stood before the summoning circle. Closing his eyes, he spread his arms wide and started to chant.

The runes on the circle flickered and began to glow.


Back in a more familiar world something equally dramatic was happening.

"It was you who killed Weldar, Avalanche! There was no way for you to have known his role prior to his death, unless you had been in contact with Fedaykin! And since only mafians can PM each other this game...Vote: Avalanche"

A member of a certain message board known as the There Will Be Brawl Forums, who went by the name of Raya Kaiserin, clicked the submit button and leant back in her chair with a grin. Yes, now it was all falling into place. If Avalanche came up as mafia then she knew for certain who the godfather was. And once he was lynched, it was only a matter of time before-

She flinched as a strong static shock jolted through her. Where the hell had that come from? She pushed back her chair and stood up. Was there a cable loose somewhere? No, it all appeared to be in place. So what had-

An invisible blow smashed into her chest, the force driving the air out of her lungs and buckling her legs. She sank to her knees, gasping for breath.


Bolts of electricity lashed through her limbs, the pressure crushing her chest like invisible chains. Tears beaded her eyes at the pain and somewhere in the back of her mind it occurred to her that she was probably having a heart attack.

Shit...I can't die like this!

A burning golden light made her force her eyes open against the raging pain and what little breath she had left escaped in an awe-struck gasp.

Emblazoned on the floor in the bright golden light were the runes and images of the summoning circle- and she was right in the centre of it. The light blasted upwards, trapping her in a golden circle and whipping up a storm of wind. She felt her body disintegrate at the touch of the light and, struck by the sheer incomprehensibility of it all, she did what anyone else in her situation would have done.

She screamed.


Gon raised an eyebrow as he watched Isaac continue his summoning. The circle was glowing with golden light, crackles and sparks of electricity dancing in bright blue bolts, the wind whipping up the rain and dust around him. Well, even if this charade didn't work it certainly was impressive.

Suddenly the image of the summoning circle blasted upwards, knocking him off his feet. He cursed as he saw the huge pillar of golden light reaching up to the sky and screamed at his companion.

"Are you CRAZY?! That damn thing can be seen for miles! Do you WANT the entire Army running down on us?!"

Isaac, engrossed with his summons, ignored him and continued chanting. Growling, Gon ran forward sword in paw, intending to stop him one way or another.

"This goddamn summoning isn't going to work, and you're gonna get us both killed! So shut the hell up or-" he was cut short as suddenly he saw a vaguely humanoid shadow appear amongst the light. Gon stared in amazement as the shadow became more and more tangible, frozen in place by the pillar of light. He felt his hackles rise from the static in the air-

Then suddenly Isaac ceased his chanting, the wind died and the light snuffed out of existence. The figure that had been encased there fell to its feet and crumpled into a heap in the centre of the circle.

Squinting his eyes in the sudden darkness, Gon hesitantly went forward. He leant down, sniffed, then burst out laughing.

"What's so funny?" asked Isaac, coming up behind him.

"This is." Gon rolled over the figure with his foot. It was a pretty average looking female human. "So much for your heavenly warrior."

"Appearances can be deceiving." Isaac bent down to the girl, noticing with some concern that her face was partially caked in blood from a wound on her forehead. He scooped her up, shifting her over his shoulder in a fireman's lift "Let's get back to the capital. We can see if there's any news of the others."

Gon snorted, noticing to his disdain that the rain was falling far harder now "Yeah, let's see what other amazing failures the others have conjured up."

Not saying a word, Isaac turned and they left the clearing, taking the girl with them.

Oh no, Gon, you're wrong. These won't be failures...they're our world's only hope.

Once you've arrived the summoners are intending to take you all to the city of Wyndia. Don't worry too much about what the rest of the world is'll find out all about what horrors await you during your briefing Wink

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Dark Before The Dawn- RP thread Empty Re: Dark Before The Dawn- RP thread

Post  Ansem on Tue Dec 14, 2010 7:49 am

Many a man said, that when the time came, all would be clear. I believe, you need to make things clear for yourself. Stand up, and see that all the secrets you look for, are already there. Those men will, when the time comes, come to you for the answers. You will be the one looking down, and

-Bahadramût, The bible of Truth and Wrath.

The wind was foul. It made the leafs rustle and fall, made the trees look weak and feeble. A man strode along the trees. A Path was clear to him. He knew what must be done. The man with the blue coat walked further, with a brisk pace. The others should be there by now. The man with the red cloak soon joined him, as the man in the white cloak stood along the tree side, waiting for them. The man in brown was already in the circle.
They knew what had to be done. They remembered the banners of the Dragon. They remembered the black army, crushing down on the land as a wave crushed the sand. They saw how their brethren were slaughtered by the mad one and his lackeys. They knew what had to be done. What had to be done, to make the skies bright again. To make the trees bear fruits again. To make the oceans calm again, and to let the fires be a sign of warmth and comfort, not death and war. It was time.

They all stood in the circle. The one in blue raised his hands, muttering the words that had to be spoken first. Soon the circle started glowing. In a flash, it was closed. The walls shined like polished glass.
The one in brown stepped forward, and began to speak.
"Earth as a Base, first of all. Creation, Protection, the Balance of all things." The one in white spoke.
"Air to form, second in line. Cut with the Winds, the Illusion makes us more real than ever. The one in Red spoke.
"Fire to animate, third in the Cycle. Give the warmth and comfort of life, while the Destruction and Chaos await the inevitable." The one in blue spoke.
"Water to finish, last of all. The binding with the Mystical energies, while the songs of fire and Ice are sung by those who know what comes. I have seen it, and now, it is time. Elements, we call upon thee. The prophecy has been foretold, so now we summon the Champions of Old and New, heroes of time, light, the Dawn and Dusk, and all that is sacred. Come forth, and reveal to us, The new Dawn!

A radiating light sprung from the circle, as the Elements relished, and basked in praise. The cloaked ones concentrated hard, feeling with their magic as they pulled him from his prison into their hands.


"Whahahaha! You cannot hurt me, fools. I am invincible! I am the most powerful lord the world has ever known! Minions, kill them now!"
The minions drew their weapons and spurred at the heroes. But there was David, angel of anger and Light! He destoyed them by...pointing and shouting.
"Feel the wrath of the angels, Holy Crush, Holy crush, Holy crush!"
Down fell the minions, one giggling all the way cause another one was making funny noises.
Ansem sighed, stupid minions. Why didn't the SL gave them more hitpoints. Ah well, they were a random encounter anyways, are wearing the same robes, with a tabard and a hood here and there. Gotta love the LARP-ing these days, absolutely no funds for these random encounters. Oh well, time to cast the curse and die...The fuck?

Suddenly, the whole forest was spinning. Black threads all around him, Ansem stared freaking out. This was some psychedelic shit! He didn't take drugs. Did Marin drugged his water? That bitch, she was take..adv..dvat..adth...advantage of him. He couldn;t think straight. Shit, was he gonna die? Fuck...FUCK!


He jumped out of the blackness and started wailing on the first thing he saw. A cloaked man, was it Dave? Blue...Was it ian? he played a watermage...No, this was different, it was night...wait, was he still punching the guy..oh shit!
Ansem jumped up, his vision clearing up as he looked around him. A forest, but much thicker and...more natural than the one he was in. Not to mention the nighttime. What the fuck was going on? As soon as he thought that, two men grabbed him by his arms
"Calm down champion, you need to calm down!"
"YEAH! Allright, let me go okay, im calm, im calm!" Ansem shouted.
The men let go, but they didnt look convinced. They were looking at him funny, something Ansem was not very happy with. Apparently, the men weren't very happy with Ansem either. The one in brown took of his hood, revealing an old face, in his 50s.
"THIS is the champion of Old and New, the warrior of the Dawn? A kid, just old enough to carry a sword?"
The one in blue took of his hood, as did the others. They were younger than the one in brown, mid 30's at most. "It has to be, everything i said was correct, as were your parts. This is it, this is our guy. He hit me pretty hard"
"Maybe its not so bad" The one in red said. "Maybe the others have a similar result, being young doesnt mean you're not powerfull. Magic is whimsical, it could mean anything!"

Ansem stood up, brushed of his robe and tabard and looked at the men. They were looking, eager, waiting for him to say something.
"Look, i aint got nothing right now. Just tell me where i am and what the fuck i'm doing here."
The one in White spoke, with a voice that sounded a little gay in Ansem's ears.
"Well, you see. The land is in peril. Our neighbors, the Southlands, have been taken over by a mysterious ruler, more powerfull than anything else. He has rallied more troops and vile magics than we have ever seen. Now he has set his eyes upon our land. So, we've called upon an ancient prophecy, to summon champions who will defeat him and his armies. You understand?"
", i mean yeah, i get what you're saying, but no, i do not want to participate in this!"
"Why not!?! You'll be a hero, think about it!"
Ansem didn't looked convinced. But the one in Blue took a good look at him, then suddenly spoke.
"You'll be able to get more power, more fame,"
The other ones were stumped, but then they saw what kind of effect the word women had on their summoned 'champion'. Soon they started with encouragements, saying he could have a palace of his own, filled with all kinds of earthly pleasures. Ansem's smile broadened. This was awesome. If that was true, all his fantasies would come true! Score!

"Allright, im in. You said there were more, right? Right! I'll join, heck, i'll even lead em to victory. How hard can it be right? It's just a Larp, so lets motherfucking roleplay!"
The mages clapped and jumped in excitement, taking Ansem out of the forest. Glancing at eachother at the word larp and roleplay with a look of confusion, but heck, they had a champion. He was young, ok, but he was full of spirit! Full of promise and full of...Where the fuck did their champion Go?!?


Gon hopped forward across the field, sword sheated but with one hand at the pommel, ready to be drawn at any time, no one would come past his defence, he was a master of surprise, and noone could fool him...what was that?
"Isaac, stay on your toes...We're not alone..."

Isaac walked forward, the girl over his shoulder. She was light, but they've been walking for a while now, and his shoulder was going numb. Suddenly he heard the grass rustle.
"I hear it too. What is it?"
A loud thump, followed by a smaller thump indicated his Kobold friend had bitten the dust. Isaac laid down the girl and drew his dagger. If it's a fight they wanted, the could have it, there was no way he was going to give up his champion, not now, not eve-THUMP.
"Wha-? 16? What 16? Why is there 16? This doesnt make sense? 16 What? What the Fuck? Why are there appearing numbers over guys when i hit them? 16 What?!? Oooh, 16 damage. Oh yeah, he was such a muscle man, flex for a bit and the- Oeh, girl, nice.

Ansem shoved the guy in the cloak away and knelt down by the female. Hmm, nice hair, good face. Good job for a first one, mate. Now, to wake her up and get my reward. Bow chicka bowwow!
Ansem lifted up her head and gently stroke her hair out of her face. She opened her eyes, Yes! This was going so sweet. She looked around her, first terror in her eyes, then acceptance, then annoyance when she looked at him. As if she knew him...
"Are you allright mylady? These men kidnapped you and we're dragging you away, but i swooped in and saved you, you're save now, with me." Dutchman accent, smooth voice, this was a cat in the bakkie, as we say.
"Ansem, i am going to give you 5 seconds to get your hand out of my hair and help me up. Seriously!"

Holy shit! She did know him! Ansem backed away, falling over isaac as he tried to piece his memories together. He didn't know this girl. He'd never met here, he was sure of that. Or he had to be really drunk/stoned....Witch was a good chance, since most girls who are annoyed with him had met him while drunk/stoned. Keep cool, keep calm. She knew you by Ansem, witch, unfortunately, isnt your real name.
"I am truly sorry, but how do you know me, and by the name Ansem no less. Who are you?"

She folded her arms across her chest, and cocked her hips slightly. Oh geez, the 'i am so pissed/disappointed in you' pose. She did know him, with all his shenanigans. Here comes the pain....
"Yeah, i never really posted my face, but it's me Ansem. Raya? Raya Kaiserin, from TWBB forums?"
Aaaah, the accent, the hair, the way she said 'seriously'. It was all coming togeth-"Wait a second, how did you get here? Wait, scratch that, i don't even know how i got here. This shit just doesnt make any sense at all...Oh fuck, Raya, we should run.."
"The guys in cloaks are here, and this one is waking up. 16 damage isn't all that much after all." But as Ansem wanted to take off, the Kobold appeared before them, looking rather...pissed. And behind them were the mages closing in. And underneath him Isaac was mumbling curses. Oooh....shit.....
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Dark Before The Dawn- RP thread Empty Re: Dark Before The Dawn- RP thread

Post  Sahrimnir on Tue Dec 14, 2010 8:05 am

Two cloaked figures were hastily walking up the trail leading to another summoning circle. One of them was tall and slim, the other was shorter and had a heavier build. The circle was located on a cliff leaning out over the stormy sea. The waves roared from below the cliff.

As the two reached their destination, they removed their hoods.

The short one, a dwarf named Berk, asked "Albrecht? Is this the place?"

Albrecht nodded. "Indeed. This is the circle where we will summon one of the great warriors that will save our world."

"Go on then," Berk said. "Start summoning. I'll watch your back."

"Right," Albrecht answered and began the ritual.


Crap! Raya's on to us!

This was not good. If Raya had already figured out that Avalanche was a mafian, she would soon realize that Sahrimnir was too. However, Sahrimnir didn't have time to think any further about what to do before a strong electric shock went through him.

"Vad i helvete?"

Suddenly he was surrounded by a golden light and he saw runes all around him. Sahrimnir was confused and afraid, but even more he was intrigued. He reached out to touch the light and felt his body disintegrate.


A pillar of golden light rised up from the summoning circle.

"Albrecht? Is it supposed to do that?"

Albrecht ignored his dwarven companion. He couldn't interrupt the ritual to answer him now.

Suddenly a winged humanoid shape appeared inside the pillar. The shape became clear as the pillar disappeared. The winged figure fell to the ground.

The dwarf ran to the summoned one and woke him up.

"Uh... Vad hände?" the winged one asked.

"Hey, Albrecht! He speaks some weird language! Do you understand it?"

Sahrimnir's mind started to clear. Apparently these people speak English.

"What happened?" Sahrimnir asked again, this time in English.

Albrecht approached him and answered "We have summoned you here, oh great warrior from another world. Only you and the other warriors can save us."

"Save you from what?"

"Follow us to Wyndia. All will be explained there."

"Okay then."

As Sahrimnir stood up, he noticed that his back felt weird. He felt with his hands and looked behind him to see a pair of big white feathery wings.

"Vad i...? Those weren't there before!"

"Maybe it's a side-effect of the summoning?" Albrecht guessed. "Unfortunately I'm not an expert on these things. Maybe one of the elder mages can explain why you suddenly have wings once we reach Wyndia."

"Right. Lead the way then. I really want to know what the hell is going on."

And the three set off for Wyndia.
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Dark Before The Dawn- RP thread Empty Re: Dark Before The Dawn- RP thread

Post  Avalanche on Tue Dec 14, 2010 10:16 am

'Sure, the lion is king of the jungle

but airdrop him into Antarctica,

& he's just a penguin's bitch”


2 more cloaked figures walked over the beach. It was getting late, they were running out of time.

'Hurry up Petra' grunted the taller of the two. 'you're slowing us down'.
The smaller figure made a iritated noise. 'Are you sure there's a circle here Ivan? On the beach? We are hardly inconspicuous!'
'If we can't summon every hero we can reach, we're screwed. There must be a circle here.'

As they continued moving towards the water they saw something shine in the water. They looked at each other briefly and nodded, both walking into the ocean to get to the circle.
'Draw you're bow' said the taller one called Ivan. 'And don't disturb me. I need to focus.'
'Yeah, yeah, I get it' murmbled Petra annoyed, keeping a close eye out for movement on the shore. 'Just hurry up.....the water is freezing.'

Avalanche sat back, listening to a song he already forgot the name off. Raya was onto him....He'd need to make up a good bluff......or at least something slightly believeable.

'I'm not gonna make any roleclaims Raya. Im not the detective, but I had my own way of figuring out Weldar's role. I didn't need fedaykin at all. Vote: Perry if only it means saving my own ass.

'Aaaand send.'

Avalanche pressed enter and felt as if all air was sucked out of his lungs. He couldn't move his arms anymore, the music was fading away. He couldn't breath, his vision was getting dim. It felt like he was fainting again........but this was diffrent......was he dying? He wanted to scream out, but not a muscle in his body could move.

The last thing he saw was a golden light.

Ivan had summoned a massive pilar of golden light. 'Soon a hero will emerge' He thought slightly victorious.

'Does it have to be that big?' Groaned Petra. 'You want to alert every army on the continent!?' She was frustrated Ivan was in charge, she was frustrated by the cold. She just knew she would catch a cold later.

'Patience my dear Petra. Soon one of the heroes to save us will rise' said Ivan calmly, concentrating on the pilar.

'Only to imideatly freeze to death' she murmbled. Her nose was starting to itch.

'Part of me envies these heroes, for their noble quest......another part of me is terrified of what they will enc---'


Ivan looked at his companion, startled at the sudden noise. 'For heaven's sake woman!'
Petra pointed to the pilar. A shadow briefly appeared in the light, but disappeared again.
'You and your oversensitive nostrils damnit!' groaned Ivan, returning to the circle. 'Now we have to start all ov---'

Suddenly, a bolt of light formed from the pillar and traveled land inwards, leaving Ivan and Petra far behind.

Ugh........where the.........

Avalanche opened his was still dark, but he could make up some shapes........A living room? Sort off....... Exhausted he lifted his hand to lay it on his forehead.

'oh god.........wat is er gebeurd........'

'Oh he's speaking a diffrent language' Sounded a voice close to him. Avalanche's head was ringing. it sounded as if she was shouting in his ear. 'CAN.....YOU......UNDER....STAND.....ME?'

Avalanche turned his head and saw a elderly couple. Appearantly they spoke normal english. 'Yes, I am....capable to speak and understand your language.'
The woman smiled and nodded. 'Thats perfect. It isn't every day we get visitors like you. Please stay still.....You must have felt that.'
'Felt what?' Asked Avalanche. 'What happened?
The man pointed up to the ceiling. Avalanche saw a large hole in the straw roof. 'We saw a massive light and heard a crash, and found you on the floor here. So ma and I laid you on the table, waiting for you to wake up.'
'Wait what?'
The woman smiled motherly. 'I told pa here, I told him; he must be a high mage of some sort. Looking at your clothes, and the magical sudden entry'
'High mage? No I--'

The door slammed open and two cloaked figures rushed in. They looked completly soaked, and pretty pissed off.

'Damnit Petra, he's been found! Leave-'
'No witnisses, I got it.

In a defensive reaction Avalanche rolled himself off the table and put his hands over his face, shielding himself from whatever was comming. He could see the woman's arm make a quick movement, followed by two 'thud' sounds behind him.
The people removed the cloaks. One was a grizzled looking man, over 40 years old. The other was a beautiful woman with long blond hair, markings over her face and....weird pointy ears. They both slowly approached Avalanche, who crawled back.
'Who the fuck are you, what the fuck is going on!'
'This is our hero you said? You screwed up Ivan!' Groaned the woman.
'We don't know what he is capable off yet! He answered defensive.
Avalanche looked to his side and saw the motionless bodies of the couple that found him. Small throwing knives reflected in what little light there was in the room. 'JESUS CHRIST, YOU KILLED THEM'
The woman rolled her eyes annoyed. 'For the love of god, get over yourself.'
The man moved to Avalanche and lifted him up. It was surprising to see how little effort it seemed to take him, even though Avalanche was resisting. 'A small sacrifice, to probably safe many kid. Now stop squirming. We need to get you to Wyndia by day's end'.
'Wyndia? What the fuck are you talking about?'

The woman approached them, and Avalanche fell a quick hit in his neck before it all went black.

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Dark Before The Dawn- RP thread Empty Re: Dark Before The Dawn- RP thread

Post  TheTJ on Tue Dec 14, 2010 12:10 pm

In the middle of a small village, two figures stood in front of a quaint church. They wore imposing armor, the empire's mark clear on their cloaks. They were an impressive pair in full plate armor and helmits which hid their faces. The people of the village gave them a wide berth. The smaller one seemed nervous though, glancing this way and that. He leaned closer to his ally and whispered in a voice that could barely be heard over the rain.

"Biggs, I don't think this is a good idea... Even the empire never messes with the curch too much. They'll find out about us."

Biggs didn't turn to look, his eyes were locked on the church door. Biggs responded in a commanding voice, but still no louder than his friend's. "Look, they had a chance to side with us and they turned it down. They thought we stood no chance, I've little sympathy for them. Besides, by the time this gets back to any real soldiers we should be long gone. Now, let's do this Wedge."

This said he drew his sword and strode towards the door, Wedge a moment behind him, fumbling for his weapon. Biggs knocked loudly on the door and waited, sword held in hand. After a moment, the door was opened by a balding man in a worn, brown robe. "Please sirs," he said "We've paid our fines and have comitted no offence. Why are you here?"

"This building is beleived to harbor rebels and by decree of the emperor himself we are here to take any rebels found within prisoner and take them for questioning. Leave this place now or join them." Biggs lowered his sword and pointed it at the priest. The old man carefully walked out into the street, eyeing the sword Biggs held. He stood out in the street, soaking in the rain, and watched them as they entered the church and shut the door behind them.

Once inside Biggs and Wedge immediatley set the large wooden bar into place in front of the door. Once that waqs done they took off their helmets.

"We're lucky he was so scared." Wedge said. "You know the empire never gives reasons for what they do. You should have just said 'Blargh, we're the empire, get out!'"

"It doesn't matter, he let us in here anyway now help me find the circle..."


"...And $2.41's your change, you have a nice day!" TJ handed the customer her money with a cheerful smile and waited patiently as she left the store. As soon as she did he lost the smile and sagged visably.

Working retail for ten hours is bad enough, but doing that four days in a row was murder. TJ's knees ached and his feet seemed to be trying to split in half.

TJ looked around the store. Recently video games had been added, which was nice since his last job had been GameStop and he was used to it. Problem with that was little kids LOVE to pick up the cases and just sorta, move them about randomly. Most adults did that too. There were also board games and Warhammer stuff and that could be pretty cool.

TJ briefly considered trying to straighten up the walls, but the thought of kneeling down and getting back up was enough to make him cringe. Better left alone for now.

Suddenly, his legs gave out entirely. The side of his head hit a glass cabinet of the corner as he fell and nearly knocked the senses out of him. He was laying on the ground, but around him was a golden circle made up of runes. This is new.

The runes began spinning around TJ, getting brighter and brighter as they picked up speed. Soon the symbols just blurred into lines as the world became fainter and fainter. TJ's last thought before losing consiousness was I hope the security camera gets this so I won't be in trouble for leaving the counter.

And then the world became light.


"You're making too much noise! Someone will hear!" Wedge was looking out the window, certain the entire army was about to come down on their heads.

"Would you relax? No one questions what the army does. So what if there's some noise? We're supposed to be catching rebels anyway, maybe they'll think it was a battle."

Biggs turned his attention back to the circle. They had found it under the floorboards behind the podium. If they hadn't had a rough idea of where it was already it would have taken forever to find. As it was they had already been in here for an hour and the old priest wouldn't wait forever.

The runes on the circle were spinning, creating the large whirring noise that Wedge was worried about. They also seemed to be getting brighter as the sped up. "Look lively, this might be it."

At the word "it" there was an explosion of light. the roof of the church stopped it from becoming a beacon, but more than enough of the light shot out through the windows. There was a timid knocking on the door and the priest was asking what had happened.

Biggs and Wedge turned to where a body now lay in the circle. They both stared in disbelief.

Wedge was the first to break the silence."....Are you KIDDING ME?! We went through all the trouble of getting this armor, putting our lives at risk, and all we get is HIM?!?" Biggs nodded in agreement. They were supposed to get a warrior of some kind, but this kid did NOT fit the bill. They'd be better off sending the old priest into battle.

"What's done is done, and we have orders." Biggs said. "Let's just get him out of here." Wedge nodded glumly.

They both put their helmets back on and covered the circle with the floorboards. Biggs sent Wedge out to "Comandeer" a wheelbarrow and as he left, Wedge was confronted by the priest. After a second or two of questions Wedge said "Stay out of Empire buisness." in a gruff voice and shut the old man up nicely. After a minute or so Wedge returned and they put TJ in the wheelbarrow. As they left the priest looked in frank surprise at the body and began to beg for understanding. Biggs reached out with one hand and pushed him into the mud and continued on his way without breaking stride.

"I hope you're worth it kid." He said as the began the long walk back.

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Dark Before The Dawn- RP thread Empty Re: Dark Before The Dawn- RP thread

Post  Minby_Aran on Tue Dec 14, 2010 4:18 pm

"It's so hooooooooooooooooot!" Vera complained. And rightly so. She and her partner Nikolai were in the middle of the desert, and they weren't exactly lightly dressed. Vera wore a dark black tunic, with tight fitting black leggings. Nikolai had heavy, white and gold armor on his right side, and gray top and pants underneath.
"Quit complaining" Snapped Nikolai, "Don't you remember that's how we got stuck with the desert in the first place?"
"Who hides a magical rune in a desert anyway?" Replied Vera, "The last place someone would look is the first place anyone ever looks!"
"...That doesn't even make sense."
"It sounded smarter in my head. Hey, is that it?"
No doubt about it, they had found the summoning circle. Nikolai stood just outside and began to chant.


"It's the, eye of the tiger it's the thrill of the fight, rising up to the challenge of our riiiiiiiiivals! And the last knows survivor stalks his prey in the night, and he's watching us all with the EEEEEEEEEEEEEYEEEEEEEEEEEE! of the tiger!" Minby sang on his run. He was approaching 65 minutes, which is he was on pace, meant he was on his 10th mile.
"Not bad, another 15 minutes and I should be goo-WHOA!"
Minby saw his vision fade to black, then back again.
"Oh no, tell me I'm not going to f"
Minby whited out.


A pillar of light shot out of the circle.
"Damnit Nick, it's so big, they'll see it for mile." Vera warned
"That's what SHE said!" Said Nikolai, with a sly smile.
"I would knock you out if I didn't need you to finish this so we can get out of here. Wait, I see someone!"
A shadowy figure appeared, flat on the ground. He was fairly skinny, wearing very little, but most notable RIDICULOUSLY short shorts.
"...We could have a big, strong hero"said Vera "Or at least one who dresses nicely, and we get this fool. Great."
"Don't doubt the prophecy. We need to get him back to Wyndia, now help me lift him.
"Fine, but if this is the wrong guy, you're gonna get it."
And with that, they lifted the man up, and began to walk off.

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Dark Before The Dawn- RP thread Empty Re: Dark Before The Dawn- RP thread

Post  Fedaykin on Tue Dec 14, 2010 4:52 pm

The pieces are in position...
The plans are in motion...
The stage is set...

The darkness of the night reflected the mood of the man, who dragged himself onwards. The brown robes were tattered, the rain hadn't washed away all traces of blood yet. His face was grim with exhaustion, but he didn't dare to fail, as he walked slowly on the way to the mountaintop, where a Circle of Summoning awaited him. "If those foolish bandits hadn't attacked us, this would have been a lot easier... or if Kaylin hadn't lost his head. That axe swipe was so predictable, but nooo, he had to get himself decapitaded..." he muttered. The grief was barely visible in his eyes. To be fair, his entire face was barely visible, a cowl protected it from the pouring rain. "Now EVERYTHING depends again on poor ol' Nyall... this be better worth the whole effort..." He continued his long and lonesome way, his goal already in sight.


Somewhere else, another man faced another problem. Fedaykin looked on the clock on the wall, let go a deep sigh and dropped back in his rather uncomfortable chair. "It's almost 4 o'clock and he STILL isn't back. What takes him so long? He is doing this on purpose, wants to make me feel miserable, the old...gaaah, I'm bored". He felt an incoming rage, but he also knew, that raging was pointless. It had been an exhausting day at work: a shitload of patients, many of them old, annoying or not capable of speaking German(some combinations of that as well) and he had to do it all by himself, because his co-worker had a day off. He had already felt rage today as well, but not his own, but the one of his boss. He had yelled at him, as so many times before, called him an incompetent fool and that he was almost too stupid to breathe. Nothing special, but Fedaykin didn't like to be yelled at(his mistake had been, that he dared to go to the toilet, when his boss had been in a hurry). After that, the old man left the building and hadn't come back since, but hadn't allowed Fedaykin to go home when he was done with his work.

Fed grew desperate in his boredom, so he took out his cellphone and visited a beacon of light in the internet... the TWBB-forum and its ongoing game of Mafia...


Nyall had finally reached his goal, the circle of stones stood right before him. He allowed himself to release a deep sigh of relief, as he walked into the center. This circle was different as the others he had seen, but he knew, that they all work after the same principles. He should be able to adopt if necessary. Nyall took a big sip from his wineskin, calmed himself and started mumbling words in an ancient language, almost forgotten...

Heast Oida, kumm umme, mia brauchn di!
Heast Oida, zah di net a so, stö di net o!
Heast Oida, do is a botzn Bahöö, schausda o!
Heast Oida, i vasprechsda, des wiad da gfoilln!

A coherent birst of light shot into the darkness of the night and Nyall felt pride growing strong in his chest. He had done it! His name would be remembered as one of those, who brought the saviors to Dragnia... and his face degenerated into a mask of horror, as the light began to flicker.


Fedaykin laughed, as he read Raya's accusations. Avalanche will have trouble talking out of this one. With a smirk, he reread his lynch. Quaetam's narration was top-notch, as ever. Fed's pleas of innocence had only found deaf ears and the reveal of his alignment only reinforced their opinion. "God, I hate being Miller, but at least they cath a mafian through it..." and suddenly, the phone rang. He hadn't seen this number before, but it seemed to be foreign. Normally, he would have ignored such a call, but he was bored, so he raised the phone to his ear and pressed the "accept"-button. His friendly hello turned into a scream of pain and ended abruptely.


Nyall's face gleamed with sweat, as he worked to keep the beam up. The magic in this place tore at him, stormed against him, but the man did not falter. He would not fail,and if it was the last thing he'd do! And out of the sudden, the beam was gone. Right before him lay the silhoutte of a tall man,about the same size. Nyall almost dropped onto the floor, his heart reliefed. "Come on fella, we need to get going. The rest awaits us in Wyndia, we don't want to be late." He knelt down to give the newly arrived a lift, when the other suddenly raised his head and looked at him with glowing orange eyes, his face all pale and a maddening snarl. Nyall didn't have the time to scream.


Fedaykin awoke on the mountaintop, wet, confused and...covered in blood? He jumped up and screamed and jumped around a puddle of blood, with the corpse of a man in the middle. It had to be a corpse, the skull had a huge hole in it. People tend to die, if they have one of those, Fed didn't need his medical education to understand that. Most horrible thing about it, there was no signs of that poor guy's brain. He told himself to focus, to calm down, to lower his pul... wait a minute. He put two fingers on the side of his neck. he slowly counted to 21. In disbelief, he repeated the procedure with the same result. No pulse. His eyes widened in disbelief. "That can't possiibly be..." Fed took a sharp stone from the ground and cut his arm. No blood, but the wound closed itself in a matter of seconds, leaving no scar behind. In fact, he hadn't even felt the pain. "Sweet Zombie Jesus, what the hell..? AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" This scram was full of pain as visions stormed his mind, flashes of memories of a foreign mind intruded his own. He saw himself die by the hands of a vile creature jumping at him. Then he realised, that this creature was HIMSELF. Another flash showed him a meeting of people in a city called Wyndia. He didn't recognize any of those faces, but he knew where it was. A memory of his own resurfaced, telling him, that this man over there had said, that ther would be others in Wyndia. He had an idea, where this place might be.

Fedaykin changed his clothes with the ones of... Nyall, that was his name, as they didn't seem to be as foreign as his and looked like they could be cleaned easily. He knew what to do next and began his way to a city he kind of knew, but hadn't been there before in his entire life.

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Dark Before The Dawn- RP thread Empty Re: Dark Before The Dawn- RP thread

Post  TD260 on Tue Dec 14, 2010 7:42 pm

"After every storm the sun will smile; for every problem there is a solution, and the soul's indefeasible duty is to be of good cheer."
William R. Alger

The storm raged, wind beating against the craggy outcropping on a desolate peak. Trees were torn up by their roots, rocks felled by the sheer power of the wind. Lightning flashed over the sky, splitting the heavenly dome and rendering the world frozen for a moment of time, burned into the eyes of two individuals.
"Carol... CAROL."
The first figure turned around, her hair streaming off of her face, buffeted every which way by the howling gale. She looked down at her companion, who had collapsed against a ledge out of exhaustion.
"Come on, Mark. We have to keep moving." She said down to him as he panted with exhaustion. "We're almost to the top of Storm Peak."
Mark looked up, shook his head to clear his mind and spoke.
"Yes, but i'm getting this sense of foreboding... I don't know. The magical energies seem... fragmented here."
Carol looked down at her friend, exasperated. "Well, just keep moving. We need to make it to the top before our window closes."
She began climbing, and Mark wearily began to rise, to fulfill his duty.

TD260 was walking down the streets of his hometown, mildly annoyed as he stood on a corner.
when IS that damn bus coming?
He looked around, and put his headphones in.
I should chill out before I pop a blood vessle. It's unhealthy to be this high strun-
A bolt of lightning cracked across the steely grey winter sky, and thunder boomed across the street, echoing off of the buildings surrounding TD. Rain started to fall, pounding the streets, causing a torrent of water to go rushing down into the sewers.
What the hell is going on?

Mark Climbed over the edge, and stood up, shaking as the winds buffeted him and the rain soaked him, peppering his face with rain, the water blinding his glasses.
"Carol! Where are you?"
He stared around into the sheets of rain, until he heard a faint reply over the wind.
"Over here... I think your foreboding was correct. Look!"
He walked over, and saw that the summoning circle had been broken, a perfect half remaining on the mountain top, the other half somewhere.
"Dammit... not now. Not here... It must have been broken and blown off somewhere."
Mark looked on in despair, and suddenly, the world became washed out and white. He stood there blinking, and saw a scorch mark on the circle, faint runes glowing through the sheets of rain.
"Carol! LOOK! The lightning kick-started the portal! If I can recite the incantation, I might be able to bring the hero through! the only problem is, they'll be caught between the two halves of the gate, and We'll need to go searching. Maybe if I..."
Carol smacked him upside the head.
"No time for calculations! CHANT!"
Storm's fury, heed my call. Let the shackles of worlds be broken, let the chosen be taken, let our hopes and dreams draw the one we need to our cause. Bring him here, and bind him not, for destiny chooses a select few. Light of Lightning, Rage of Storm, Gloom of Cloud, Roar of Thunder. Heed my call!

TD stood under the bus shelter, still listening to his iPod as the rain came down in sheets. Suddenly, he saw someone coming out of the rain, walking slowly towards him holding a baseball bat.
"I want my iPod back, man. I want it back right now."
The figure multiplied, and TD began to get anxious.
"It was never your iPod to begin with, you stole it from me. Just because you got caught doesn't make it my fault!"
The figues smiled.
"Oh, but you got me caught. I'm coming for you, and i'm going to get my revenge."
TD heard these words, and took off running. He knew he wasn't a good runner, but he hoped to get away from the figures before they could catch up to him. He dashed across the street, dodging a car, and ran into the alleyway infront of him. He could hear feet splashing behind him, so he ripped the iPod from his ears, running flat out down the alley- but he could still hear them behind him. He rounded the corner, tripped, and could feel despair welling up inside him as he knew his fate was about to be decided, because of retarded vengeance and slippery streets. And then he fell through the wall as a bolt of lightning hit behind him, and everything went black.

The Circle split the storm with a beam of liquid radiance, as bolt after bolt lit the peak like noon. A bar of golden light shot from the peak down towards a valley, through the storm, passing over the hills and hitting a stone with bits of metal embedded in it. Mark could see a shape form in the beam, of a falling figure. The figure shot out, down the mountain and towards a distant hill. The storm abated to a stiff breeze, and Mark looked at Carol.
"I think it worked..."
Carol looked at him, glaring.
"Yeah, our potential savior was just catapulted into a part of the world inhabited by backwater farmers and army patrols. We may have just given our greatest hope to our enemies on a silver platter. Good job. "
Mark looked at her, dejected.
"Hey- be glad that he eve-"
Carol hugged him, cutting him off mid sentance.
"Oh, I don't care. you were brilliant- You got it working, even though it was broken, and he's here- we just need to find him. Hope... It's a feeling I'd thought i'd lost, but you've found it in me again. Lets go!"
Carol bounded towards the edge of the mountain, laughing and crying at the same time. Mark stood there, shell-shocked.
"I... bu... wha..."
Carol looked back, gesturing for him to follow her down.
"I will never. Understand women. Never."
Mark began walking towards the edge, already dreading the climb down.

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Dark Before The Dawn- RP thread Empty Re: Dark Before The Dawn- RP thread

Post  SnakeInABox on Tue Dec 14, 2010 8:07 pm

All that we see or seem,
Is but a Dream within a Dream

-Edgar Allan Poe

Fireballs and Icebeams flew past her head. A rock whizzed so close to her ear she could feel a breeze. She ducked into an alley and ran as fast as she could to the other end. Quickly turning around, she saw a wave coming toward her from the other side. Wizrobe was not one to cross, and her flee from the elements proved that. She managed to escape the alley and run into an old building in time to lose the following man.

I have to think fast, I have to follow the ritual. Oh for the love of King Gorblax, couldn't I have leveled up before having to do this?

She took a deep breath, and laid out the materials she needed to summon help.


"Ok, this is the lamest fucking thing in the world. You should all be ashamed at what you are doing. Raya, you and I both know that there is a possibility Av might have scanning powers. Obviously he has used his power on you, because there is no other way the motherfucker would trust you. Look at the facts, people. Avalanche, who is pretty much the guaranteed cop, is being attacked by Raya, the ONLY person that voted for Spont the day we almost unanimously lynched Viero, the fucking Obv-Maf. Yea Raya, don't try to argue that one off. You dun Goof'd.

Vote : Raya

Now be good little bitches and think for yourselves for a change"

How funny. By telling them to think for themselves, they would all bandwagon behind me. Fucking lemmings. But what works, works. Fellow Mason and probable backstabber Raya will go down, and I will be left with the spoils once I get Surge to doc protect me. All that's left now is to find Fedaykin, Jeremy, and Omic-

As Ryan gathered his thoughts, a large golden orb of light and energy spontaneously opened behind him. He jumped up and knocked the monitor down in confusion.

What the Fuck.... Oh god.... What is this?!

As the light shone brighter, he could feel himself being pulled in. He reahced and grabbed the nearest weapon, a knife recently stolen from IHOP, before whiting out.


Ryan awoke in a dark musty room. The ceiling was cracked, and could cave at any moment. The walls had intricate designs of Wars and Death carved into them. Following the obvious confused stereotype, Ryan grabbed his head and muttered "Where.... Am I?"

A woman stepped forward into the light coming from a nearby window and spoke. "You are here because I have summoned you. Our World needs a Hero. Many Heroes. You and a few select others are our best bet for survival. Do you understand?


....This can't be happening. This must be some fucked up dream. Ryan took the knife from his pocket and tried to cut his finger. It was too dull to do damage, but he felt it regardless. Not a dream. Ok, nothing to do but play along, and see what happens. "Yes, I do. But what can I do to help? Why me? How the Fuck am I supposed to do anything?"

The woman smiled and put a hood on. "Head west across the fields or Mortica, Toward Gorb's Castle. If everyone did their summons right, you should meet a friend or two along the way. That is all I can do for you, young one. Stay out of trouble, as you are too weak to fight. the best thing for you to do is stick to the shadows. Stick to the shadows, and beware of anyone you cross."

With that she leapt from the window, out of sight.

.... "Fuck." Ryan wiped himself off, and left the building. There was a small stretch of a road, but it did not go on for long. The end cut off into a large grass field. Almost too easy to miss. And looked generally safe. If anyone came by, he could duck into the grass. It was raining hard, so the mud may slow him down, but with the goal in mind, there was nowhere to go but forward.


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Dark Before The Dawn- RP thread Empty Re: Dark Before The Dawn- RP thread

Post  ¿Señior Poopy Water? on Wed Dec 15, 2010 12:15 am

"A horse is a horse, of course, of course" - Mister Ed

Gimzey took a long drag from his pipe as he waited at the foot of a great willow for his fellow summoner. "He better have a damn good excuse, having me wait in this damn weather. At I time like this... well I never" Gimzey stood up and strained his old tired eyes. It was too dark and rainy to make anything out. But then, in a flash of lightning he saw his apprentice Greggory, a young lanky fellow. In that second of light Gimzey could tell something was wrong, Greggory was waiving his arms and trying to yell over the storm.

When he was close enough for his Master to hear Greggory cupped his hands around his mouth and shouted "MASTER!! Start the RITUAL! I've been FOLLOWED!"

"What are you-?" Gimzey began before his apprentice grabbed him by the arm and led him to where Gimzey had prepared the circle.

The dashing SeniorPW was checking the forums after work. "Hmmm, blah blah blah, lots of stuff I joined too late to understand... Oh here we go, what's going on here? Snake is being a smart ass, what else is new. I guess I'll pick on him. Then I can try and make everyone in the whatever thread rage."

As he set off to be super alpha he started to notice that his monitor was now eye level, and raising.
"Damn chair, they don't make them like they use to..." He then fiddled with the lever and quickly realized his chair wasn't to blame. As SPW looked down he saw that his floor seemed to be caving in.

SPW stood up too get away from the impending collapse of his floor. But it was too late. the floor gave way and SPW tumbled to the ground.

SPW fell with an unusually hard thud. He looked up to see two men, one old and gray, the other barely in his 20s. The younger of the two exclaimed.
"What the hell is this!? Did we miss the Champion and get his horse instead?"
"Don't be foolish" The older one said harshly, "there must be a reason this horse was sent to us, maybe he possesses some mystical properties."

Nick stood up while the couple in from of him talked about a horse. He was now in a forest. It smelled damp and ancient. "Where am I?" SPW tried to ask the couple, but all that came out of his mouth was a meek whinny. "what the hell... I didn't know I could make a noise like that... wait a minute." It was then that SPW realized his body felt a lot heavier, and sturdier then it normally did. He tried to lift up his feet but only fell forward and in the reflection of a puddle his saw not his own face, but that of a rather large horse. "WHAT IS GOING ON!!!!" SPW tried to scream as loud as he could. But all the summoners could hear was a very loud neigh.

"Are you positive? What horse can't even stand up?"
"Never mind that, aren't there men on their way here? We better get moving right now, if the light from the summoning didn't reveal our location then this horse's neighing certainly has. If this somehow isn't the hero we tried to summon then we'll have to make due, we don't have the time or supplies to try again."
"Alright Mr. horse, show us what you got, you better be worth putting our lives on the line."

SPW stood up and sighed "Reincarnation's a bitch"
¿Señior Poopy Water?
¿Señior Poopy Water?
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Dark Before The Dawn- RP thread Empty Re: Dark Before The Dawn- RP thread

Post  Raya on Wed Dec 15, 2010 3:28 am

What the fuck are you on about Snake

Ansem glanced at the rapidly approaching mages, realising that there was no way he could fight them all. Unless it turned out that Raya was secretly Jackie Chan with a padded chest it was probably in their best interests to run for it. He turned to Raya, about to urge her to flee when Gon scrambled back to his feet, teeth bared in a snarl.

"I don't know who you are, boy, but get the hell away from her!"

Raya blinked in stunned surprise, slowly leaning over towards Ansem "Please tell me you see the talking dog too."

"I'm more concerned about the sword the talking dog is holding, to be honest."

"Dog? DOG?! I'll cut you to ribbons you goddamn-" he never finished his sentence as Ansem punched him in the snout. He staggered back, whining in pain, and Ansem took the opportunity to grab Raya's wrist and break into a run.

As the two sprinted away Raya grimaced and put a hand to her face, noticing with some distaste that it came back covered in blood. Just great. She was cold, wet, her forehead hurt damnably and now she was running for her life. All in all this was turning out to be a rather crap day.

"Where the hell are we running to? Where on earth are we?" She glanced around at their surroundings. The plains were empty and flat, the storm completely ruining visibility. There were no stars, structures or any indication of their whereabouts. "Actually, more to the point, why the hell are you here as well?" she paused as a thought occurred to her "Are we dead?"

"I imagined the afterlife to be a lot better than this." He glanced at her "If that's the case, what killed you then?"

"Heart attack. You?"

"Poisoned drink."

"I always imagined you'd be suffocated under a mound of heaving bosoms."

"So did I, actually."

Suddenly a wall of fire flared up in front of them, sending them skidding to a halt. It arced around them in a completely unnatural way, cutting off their escape. As they picked themselves up their pursuers reached them, slowing fanning out to prevent any bolts for freedom. Gon had one paw clutched to his bleeding nose, the other raising his sword in a menacing manner.

"You and I need to have some words, boy."

"Shouldn't that be you have a bone to pick with me?"

Gon practically frothed at the mouth "You smartassed littl-" he was silenced by a gentle hand on his shoulder. Isaac came forward, one hand nursing the bump on his head.

"Please, no more violence. This land has seen enough of bloodshed as it is." He held his arms wide, showing he was unarmed, and took a few cautious steps towards the pair "I'm afraid there's been a bit of confusion. Please, we mean you two no harm. I'm sure your sudden entrance has been most bewildering to you both." He placed a hand on his heart "I am Isaac, journeyman mage of the city of Wyndia. Our world is in terrible danger, standing on the brink of annihilation. My brethren and I were tasked to summon up mighty warriors to defeat the darkness, to bring about the new dawn to our world. And you two, my friends, are our heroes."

Ansem and Raya looked at each other, then back to Isaac.


"Please, we have little time. We are badly exposed out here. If the Army catch us here,, we must hurry. Come, we'll take you back to the city of Wyndia. Once we have gathered the rest of your kind we will explain fully."

Ansem and Raya stole a glance at each other again. What choice did they have? They were outnumbered, outgunned and had no idea of where they were. Even if this apparently crazy man with a talking dog was lying, at least if they could get back to civilisation they could get their bearings.

At their consent Isaac's face lit up in delight. He turned to the mages and after a hurried and heated discussion procured two of their cloaks, offering them to the pair. The two shrugged them on, grateful for at least a little something to keep the worst of the rain off.

"Come, Wyndia isn't too far away. We've arranged some transportation at the next town. Once we reach it we'll be at the capital in a few hours."

As the group began their trek, Raya turned to Ansem and whispered.

"Just to let you know, if we end up dead in a ditch I'm blaming you."

He startled, then caught her grin "Well then, if I don't end this 'quest' surrounded by very many beautiful and naked women I'm blaming you."

"I think my scenario is far more likely."

"I doubt that."

Bickering and laughing, glad of at least a little bit of familiarity in this insane world, the two continued towards Wyndia.

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Dark Before The Dawn- RP thread Empty Re: Dark Before The Dawn- RP thread

Post  Weldar on Wed Dec 15, 2010 3:36 am

Three figures sloshed through a thick humid swamp in silence.

"Why of all the places did we have to go to the swamp?" asked a tall spindly man, attempting to swat away the insects in vain

"Oh shut up Sebastian" replied a short stocky dwarven woman. "You're not the one up to your chest in water here."

Sebastian gave a "hmph" and the group continued onwards in silence. Eventually they reached their location, a small partly submerged shrine, the only part not yet fully covered by the swampy waters was a raised circular platform covered in strange runes, a summoning circle.

The third figure, a man (or perhaps woman) clad from head to toe in loose white robes, which were almost more brown than white after this long in the swamp spoke for the first time during the journey. "Here it is. Sebastian you go keep watch, Bella stay near me incase anything does get through."

Sebastian walked of in a huff muttering angrily about the other two while the 3rd figure began to chant in a mysterious language.


While many of the other forumite's heads were occupied by the deception and lies of the mafia game or the mundane trivialities of their daily jobs over on the other side of the world Weldar's mind was calm and empty. Outside a toad hopped across the grass and several large bats flew overhead. The moon was full and high but obscured by the many clouds in the sky. Below all was dark and Weldar lay asleep in his bed. A sudden light flared and a tingling feeling passed through his entire body but the sleeping Weldar took little notice. For a second it seemed as if he may be roused from his slumber but it quickly passed and he continued to sleep undisturbed, blissfully unaware of what was happening to him.


The figure chanted and the pillar of light rose and grew larger. The various insects dwelling there decided that the correct way to respond to this unexpected light was to flock towards and while droning on as loud as they possibly could. Bella watched the light with growing unease but said nothing. A reptilian creature lurking in the water was unhappy with this sudden light and decided to deal with it by taking out what it assumed to be the source and lunged for the chanting cloaked figure but only revived a swift mace to the face from the dwarf for it's troubles. It slunk back into the muddy water and swam off, leaving a trail of it's own blood in its wake. And then the light vanished, the insects stopped, the summoning was complete. The three of them looked incredulously at the "legendary warrior they had summoned" Sound asleep, half naked and clearly no older than 18.

"I'd make some sort of sarcastic quip about our legendary warrior being a mere child here but I get the feeling such a thing would be overdone by now." said Sebastian

"Well he's what we got" said Bella "Come on give him your cloak or something and let's get going"


Weldar groggily marched onward through the swamp, he wasn't yet aware where he was or what was going on just the he was walking. Slowly but surely pushing one foot after the other through the warm thick mud of the swamp. Slowly he came to and took note of his surroundings.
I'm in a swamp, there's these strange people I've never seen before, I'm wearing strange clothes. Wait something's a bit off here. Oh right I just went to bed, this is a dream. And of course since I've realized that it means I'm about to wake up"
He waited a few seconds and yet nothing happened.
Wow, I didn't wake up after realizing this was a dream, that's a first. Well let's see what this one's got for me
"So what's going on here?" he asked
"Ah look who's finally come to" said Sebastian
The robed figure spoke once more "We summoned you, you're one of the chosen warriors and we need your help. We're taking you to Wyndia to meet the others. That's all you need to know for now."
Weldar sniggered. Heh, chosen warrior, yeah right. Ah well this one seems to be an interesting dream, may as well play along for a while and see how long it manages to last

Dark Before The Dawn- RP thread ZXC2I
I'm not a Vacuum!
There was a flash of lightning, and the figure’s visage was illuminated for a moment, a single, terrifying moment, a revelation that seemed to stop the world dead.

“Checkmate,” said Weldar, and fired his bullet into JGH27’s heart.
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Dark Before The Dawn- RP thread Empty Re: Dark Before The Dawn- RP thread

Post  Spontaneous Combustion on Wed Dec 15, 2010 4:23 am

"I don't need a pretentious quote at the start."
- Spontaneous Combustion

The circle was ready. All the stones were in their right places and the ritual could soon begin. Two cloaked figures holding ancient staffs were standing at the both sides of the circle, coated in the eldritch blue light that was coming from the center.
The other cloaked figure was merely a human, but he could be said to be one of the greatest sorcerers in the continent. This middle-aged human male was called Gh'u Razoana Lezerak and he was the high priest of his village.
The other cloaked figure would have been quite like a human if he hadn't had the head of an ox. This minotaur, called Fred, was looking at the mythical summoning circle with undenied skepticism on his beastlike face.

"You know", Fred whispered, breathing heavily. "I'm not really sure about this."

"This what?" G'hu asked and lowered his staff.

"You know. The summoning thing."

"...what about it?"

"I mean..." Fred started to say, but hesitated for a while. "...we're summoning a hero out of another world, right?"
G'hu nodded with a puzzled look on his face.
"So", Fred said again, awkwardly, "what if we summon something else."
"Like what?"
"I don't know. Maybe you've drawn a rune or two the wrong way and opened a portal into some...really, really bad place?"

G'hu sighed and rolled his eyes. "Like where?"
Fred shrugged. "I don't know about you, but I don't want to die of tentacle rape by an ancient god from hell."
G'hu raised an eyebrow and looked very dissatisfied with his friend. "Shut the fuck up, that was only one time. Now, say the sacred words and we'll begin."

* * *

A young man in a dark blue peacoat was walking away from a bus station and aggressively tying a large scarf around his neck. He was shivering subtly, which was not all that strange with the temperature being -25 degrees Celsius.
"Perkele", said the man harshly. This was most likely the ugliest swear word in the man's native language of Finnish. "Perkele" sounded basically like the ugly inbred cousin of "Berkeley", except not at all. Once in Finland's ancient past this word had been used as the name of the thunder god, but after Christianity came and did its magic, "Perkele" was very swiftly changed to mean something closer to "the grand-motherfucking-father of Satan".

The young man's feet were sinking into snow. His choice of footwear for the winter had not been the wisest possible and now his socks were basically swimming in snow and slush.
"Perkele", said the man.

As the young man started to get closer to the door of the house he lived in, he started to feel a tingling sensation all around his body.
"Mitäköhän perkelettä..." asked the man, somewhat puzzled.
Then the tingling sensation started to evolve into a burning sensation. The young man looked at the ground below him and saw something that did not belong on the front yard of his home. A blue circle with alien runes written inside was forming around the man. The blinding glow of blue felt painful on the man's eyes, but there was something hypnotic about it. As the man's gaze went deeper and deeper into the light, the burning sensation around his body grew stronger.
Then the man combusted. It was very spontaneous.
"Mitä..." the man asked, this time with a touch of panic in his voice as the flames started to grow larger and larger. Oddly, the man didn't feel any pain. He could feel the warmth of the flames, but it was not painful at all. That is, until the man exploded like a bucket of napalm.
"PERRRRRRRRRR..." the man started shouting, but he was cut off as a blinding blue light drew him somewhere.
It drew him through the seams between universes.

* * *

It had taken hours and a very spontaneous burst of flames, but G'hu and Fred had succeeded. In the smoke in front of them was a vaguely humanoid figure of some sort, but it was hard to see.
G'hu said a few words of magic and a small whirlwhind appeared to vanish the dark grey clouds of smoke. Then the two summoners could see what they had brought into this world. It was small and certainly not human. Weirdly, it seemed a lot like an artificial construct, what with it being a haphazard mass of wood, tin and iron. Even the moustache of this figure was made out of metal. Little bursts of steam came out of cracks in the little humanoid creature's armor.
The small robotic being was wearing a rather ridiculously large but stylish top hat. It also had a tiny black jacket with even tinier buttons. The robotic being took a couple of quick looks at its summoners. It's expression was utterly flabbergasted.


Sorry for stupid grammar and possible errors. Writing stories in English isn't exactly one of my strengths.
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Dark Before The Dawn- RP thread Empty Re: Dark Before The Dawn- RP thread

Post  Avalanche on Wed Dec 15, 2010 5:03 am

Avalanche slowly came back to his senses. He still couldn't move his body, but his eyes and eares seemed to be functioning again. For such a rough day, he felt surprisingly vital. No bruises at all. He could see the road was moving beneath him, and tried to tilt his head. He saw the figure of the annoyed woman Petra, and let his head fall down again. The overwhelming smell of animal rose up to meet him.
'Bastards tied me up and just tossed me over a horse......' thought Avalanche to himself.

'I can see Wyndia' proclaimed the man called Ivan. 'We're still gonna make it before day's end.'
'We would have gotten here sooner if-'
'Shut it woman.'
'Still, shouldn't we have encountered others?'
'We're not there yet Petra.....Perhaps they ran into trouble, perhaps we'll meet them there.'

Avalanche decided to let them know he was awake. 'What is the rush, where are you taking me?'
Ivan and Petra looked at him, appearantly surprised by the fact he was awake. 'We're taking you to Wyndia' said Ivan, closely observing Avalanche.
'A city' said Petra annoyed. 'You do know what a city is don't you?'
Avalanche groaned annoyed, before Ivan and Petra stopped the horses. Petra got off and drew a knife. Avalanche tried to back off, not pleased with the idea of a random woman with murderous intents wielding a knife this close to him.
She cut the ropes used to restrain him with. 'We expect you to cooperate' she said slowly and carefully. 'We are gonna need you.....and you'll need a guide in this world.'
Avalanche nodded. He understood he needed a guide, or a guard for that manner. But he feld uncomfortable by the fact they seemed to need him as well.'

Ivan got of his horse and handed him a dagger. 'Wyndia is close....but if shit happens, you may need to defend yourself.'
Petra was observing the area. 'We may not be able to protect you, but we can't have you dying.'
Avalanche gulped and looked at the dagger. It was a simple instrument, but it looked sharp as can be. He decided it was safest to keep it in its sheath.
Ivan climbed back on his horse. 'We only have two horses, so if you can get along with Petra......'
'Sod off Ivan' snarled Petra, he can ride with you.
Ivan already rode off saying he was gonna scout ahead. Petra sighed, while Avalanche clumsily tried to climb up on the horse'
'Carefull where you place those hands human.' she growled.

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Dark Before The Dawn- RP thread Empty Re: Dark Before The Dawn- RP thread

Post  Ansem on Wed Dec 15, 2010 6:23 am

Doing a sweep up post to get things going a bit. Also snake, using random names is cool, but don't use names of people from the forum, thats our thing.

Vandir dashed forward. Assigned to sweep up and escort the summoners and their champions to Wyndia, great. Better than guard duty at the local market, so he couldn't really complain. First on his squads lists was...Nyall, that old fool. A Necromancer in their ranks was bad enough, and now he'd offered to summon one as well. The Northlands could use every last one of em, Vandir'd give em that, but Nyall was...well he was just odd, thats all. What...what was that thing?
A lone figure was walking trough the tall grass, alone. Vandir signaled his men to surrounds the suspicious figure.

Fedaykin walked aimlessly across the field, looking back to the mountain he came from every other step. This was going to be a long, hard journey, to a place he's never been. Why did he have these memories in the first place?
"Those...Those are Nyall's clothes! You! What did you do with Nyall!?!"
A flash of memory surged across Fed's head. He knew that voice, somewhere. Who...And the name, Nyall, was he Nyall? No, he wasn't..was he? The last thing that went to Fedaykin's mind was the question..Who am i?

Vandir looked at the creature in horror. An undead, no doubt, the rotting flesh was a dead giveaway. But those robes were Nyall's, Vandir had seen him when he took off to this forsaken mountain. Perhaps this was what became of his summoning. Fitting that a necromancer received such a damned champion.
"Take him, we're going back to Wyndia. I'm afraid Nyall wont be joining us. This one's got some explaining to do when he wakes up."


As Mark was running after Carol, still wondering if he's ever understand women, a lone farmer boy was scratching his head for a good 5 minutes now. Scratching his head at the figure that was laying before him on top of a haystack, still fizzling, little smoky puffs around him. Just came outta the sky, Jeb reckoned. One o' them old flying guys, but without them wings. Just as Jeb wanted to call his pops, Carol appeared, giving the farmer boy a quick glare before taking the unconscious boy over her shoulder and running off, right past mark. Mark could hear a faint 'this way', sighed and ran after her. Women, right? Luckily, Wyndia wasn't far, and a pick up group should be around here somewhere.


It wasn't long before Ryan started to regret the fact that he was running in the mud. The rain had stopped just now, but the ground was still soft, and with every step his feet sunk a little deeper into the mud. The women didn't really give him any directions did she? Just go here, go there. Fuck that shit, fuck this running.
Just as Ryan was about to use some nasty language, a small group of rangers appeared before him. The leader wore a very silly green hat, but he had such a straight face, it had to be for reals.
"You must be the one Serenia Summoned. She had to go get another one somewhere else, so she couldn't escort you to Wyndia herself. We will. I am Thomas, and we have to go quickly. There's bound to be more of those battlemages here. Let's go people!"
Ryan didn't even have the time to swear, as 2 bulky men in green and brown leather took him by the arms and started running faster than he had ever ran before. Fuck this place.


Weldar looked up to the shining moon as they left the dampy swamp. Sebastian walked besides him, observing his every step.
"you'd best get that swamp air out of your system soon, it's not good for you. Take a few deep breaths before we move on." Weldar took the advice gladly, the air in there was disgusting. As they stood there, a small group came from their left. Bella stepped forward and raised her arm. "Master Gimzey, Gregory, good to see you two...What's with the horse?"
"This, young Bella, is the champion we've summoned. Shut it Gregory, i didn't make a mistake, this is it! Is that yours there?"
"Yeah, this scrawny fellow is the one we picked up. It's not much, but seeing yours, heck, i can't complain. Well, it's good that we've met up so smoothly, let's get going. We need to reach Wyndia quick, if we want these two to live."
The unlikely group took off, with Weldar walking next to the horse, not saying anything. I mean, what would you say to a horse?
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Dark Before The Dawn- RP thread Empty Re: Dark Before The Dawn- RP thread

Post  Perry on Wed Dec 15, 2010 8:40 am

-some random goat.

The terrain was rocky and uneven. One misstep could cause the entire party of 12 to plummet down the ridge. The shadow of the mountain they scaled made their vision impaired, as they all lined up against the wall to prevent any clumsiness from the new recruits that they had to bring.
Crossing this mountain path was dangerous no matter where you were from or who you were, but now with the Nameless already in the area, they had to resort to routes like this to avoid confrontation. Heavily armored the small men clinged to the wall, the inexperience with the terrain clearly written on their face.
"Why the hell did we have to do this again, Grum?", one of the dwarves said to another.
"The human lass needed to get to the mountain top, some mumbo jumbo with magic, no doubt", Grum groaned as he tried to keep looking ahead. "Don't be such a wuss, we have to go back here too, y'know"
"But why us?! Couldn't they just sent out some... y'know, more experienced soldiers?"
"Those are all already on the battlefield, numnuts. Don't be such a scaredycat, we got Faeren with us, don't we?", Grum yelled back at the insecure dwarf behind him.

"Move it, woman!", Faeren snarled at the hesitating cloaked figure that peered down the depths they scaled. The general had seen these lands plenty of times and knew time was of the essence. "We ain't gonna make it if ya keep hesitating like that."
"Yer lil' magi friends will be done and gone to Wyndia by the time you get to say yer smelly chant"
"Alright alright!", the figure shrieked. "No need to be so fierce about it, by the gods..."

Gwendolyn sighed as she looked down the cliff's edge. Did she really have to cross this? Heights REALLY weren't her thing. She and her comrades had set out to find these magic altars... were they all in such dangerous places?
Faeren let out another grunt, and Gwendolyn sprung up. Holding closely to the mountain wall she went forward foot by foot.

Meanwhile, in "reality"...

"INTERCEPTION!", it sounded in the back of the class, as his classmates were randomly quoting images from Memebase again. One of the girls had just seen the movie Inception, so the whole festival of Leo struts, looks and why he got out of wherever could begin again.

"The dream is collapsing!"

Perry usually joined in on the fun, but with a naked model infront of him, he figured it'd be in best manners to try and actually draw something. Wouldn't want the situation to get uncomfortable, ofcourse...
Focussed he looked up and down from the paper, trying his hardest to make every line count and portray the curvature and shadows of the woman in front of him well. They were already halfway through class and his legs started feeling numb.
He rubbed his nearly grown "beard", and grinned at it's touch. Maybe a little break was in order.
"WE'RE HERE!!", it sounded from the front of the group. The clearing in the stone was hard to see with the raging winds blurring everyone's eyesight.
"Finally" Faeren grunted. He wasn't at all happy being stuck with these inexperienced runts and not at all with the presence of a human.
With a shove in the back, he pushed the young woman infront of him forward. "Do your magic woman, we can't waste time here."
"Alright alright!", Gwendolyn yelled flustered as she almost fell over. "Way to be a gentleman, Faeren.", she moped and removed the hood from her face.

She walked up to the altar in the middle of the stone ring, tracing the engraved runes with her fingers.
"This is it...", she muttered. "Pray the gods the prophecy was right."
With a sigh she took a few steps back and raised her hands, spreading them wide. The air charged with magical energies, as the soldiers around the circle readied their weapon.
The wind roared all around, throwing Gwendolyn's red hair into the air as she closed her eyes and begun the chant....

"pfff...", Perry exclaimed, stretching his neck and making it crack at every side. All but his right hand had become numb. He let out a heavy sigh and stood up. The class was so busy and vibrant, the teacher wouldn't miss him if he just walked around for a bit.
He wobbled a bit on his legs, and leaned on his chair for support.
"Don't collapse", the girl next to him said with a smug trolling grin on her face as was usual for her. Perry laughed and stretched his legs a bit.
Usually the numbness would go away after some time... He tried walking a few steps, and it seemed to be going fine.
Faeren glared at the ritual being performed. He didn't like the feeling of this. The charge in the air was too noticeable, and they were right in the middle of the enemies terrain. Their small group could best a scouting party at most. A full patrol squad would neck them straight up.
"Hurry up, woman!", he yelled at Gwendolyn who seemed to have gotten entranced in her chanting.
"I don't like this, not one bit...", he muttered behind his beard as he raised his axe.
Just as he finished his sentence, a large pillar of light shot up into the sky, illuminating the area. He stumbled forward, holding his helm to his head.


"Steady recruits! Secure each area! Make sure nothing gets through!", he barked his commands so that everyone could hear them. Staying quiet wouldn't help anymore.

A shot of pain surged through his head, and Perry reached for his forehead.
"Gaat het?", the girl asked, but perry waved her off. He stumbled out of the classroom, he just needed some quiet.
There was a small staircase leading to the classroom, and he leaned against the walls to prevent himself from falling. Pain rushed through his head, but it wasn't a normal headache... this felt like it was in his skull...
The numbness in his legs slowly faded, but what took place was much much worse. Maddening pain creeped through his bones, as if they were breaking and growing back at the same time. He let out a scream, and his whole class jumped up to see what was going on. Only to see Perry buckle through his legs and fall down the stairs.

A light flash shot through the room, but too quick for anyone to notice.
The teacher rushed to the staircase, looking down but not seeing anything.
"Koen?....KOEN?!", she yelled as she ran down the stairs, looking for her student.

"Ugh... de fock gebeurde er......."
Perry found himself on a cold stone floor, his vision blurry and a loud buzzing filling his ears. The pain in his legs and head were gone, but had left him disoriented. Blindly, he touched the floor around him, trying to get a grasp of the world... Had he fallen down the stairs? Where was he?

He closed his eye tightly, trying to re-focus. As he opened them, he could see clearly and sounds began coming through the loud buzzing.
He tried standing up, putting one foot on the ground and then the other. It felt different, but he paid it no mind. It was a bit wobbly at first, but he managed to stand up straight..... wait a second, was he always this tall? He looked down and saw his legs covered in hair, and hooves where his toes should be. He also appeared to be naked.
"WHAT THE FU-""CHAMPION!", his scream was interrupted by a woman laying exhausted on the ground not far away from him.
"Champion, you need to help them! They're getting slaughtered out there", she yelled in panic, pointing past the stones circling around them. It was then that Perry finally seemed to notice his surroundings. Next to his strange body, he was placed in a mountainous area and more closely encircled by upright standing stones much like the Hunnebedden back home. An orange veil domed over him and the woman, as outside a battle ensued. Small compact people were swinging axes and swords against 2 Black clad riders, being run through one by one.

A seemingly more elder one was the only one standing his ground, shouting commands at the same time as he hacked both his axes into one of the horses legs, and send it flying over it's own speed, throwing the rider against the mountain's slope. It didn't seem to have much effect however, and the rider quickly got up and unsheathed his sword....
Perry was stunned in place, he had no idea what in the world was going on. The metal of weapons clinging together ringed in his ears and he saw the woman reach out to him, calling him champion over and over. What was going on here? What happened to the class room? What was with his legs?... WHERE THE HELL WAS HIS PENIS?!
A quick grab for the groin, and he let out a relieved sigh, confirming it was still there underneath the fur.... ew, pubic fur.... wait, what was going on?

The woman's cry finally got through to him, as he sprung up and looked at her. She could see the confusion in his eyes, as he could see the desperation in hers.
"Explanations will come later... please, help them.", she said pleading.

Perry nodded his head, not sure what he was agreeing to, and carefully stepped one hoof forward.... This wasn't so bad, it's like walking on your toes, only more natural.... He walked out towards the orange veil, which seemed like some sort of barrier.. Or atleast he thought. That stuff only existed in fantasy and sci-fi.
He stepped outside, and all of a sudden the screams of agony from the little people echoed around him. There was still one rider left, and only a handfull of small warriors. The experienced one in a heated battle with the rider he'd gotten off his horse. Blocking and striking with his dual axes against the Black knight's sword, he seemed to be overpowering the rider.
Perry heard a galloping noise behind him, and turned around just in time to step back and watch the other rider speed past him, the sharp tip of a spear slicing through the air he just stood. He stumbled back till he hit the mountain's wall, shock in his eyes.

Faeren was rapidly striking against his opponent, untill he saw the Faun stumble back on it's legs. He parried the incoming blade aside and let out a laugh.
"HAH! aren't you a big one?! But whats with that excuse of a beard? grow a proper one!", he let out.
Perry dazedly looked at him, and tried to utter a word, but before he could the black knight came in running with his sword, impaling the elder dwarf onto it.
"Sonova...", the dwarf uttered as blood spat out of his mouth. He raised his axe one last time and hacked into the neck of the knight. For a split second, what seemed an eternity in Perry's eyes, they stood there before they fell to the ground with a thud.

"Faeren!", Perry heard coming from the circle. The orange veil had dissipated and the woman was backed against one of the stones with the other rider walking to her with his sword in hand.
Perry looked around, the corpses of child-like warriors in size scattered around the clearing. What was going on? Why was this happening?....
That woman had answers, she has to have them.... He had to save her.
For a moment, Perry's body felt light, comfortable and strong. He rushed forward, faster than he ever had, and pulled the axe out of the black knight's neck. In a quick throw, the axe flew through the air.

Gwendolyn screamed in terror as the black knight raised his sword to strike, would this be the end?
A large clash sounded, as the knight's eyes opened wide. His body went limp, as he plummeted forward on the ground, revealing the axe that ripped through the plate at his back and into his spine....
A few feet away stood perry, his eyes set on a daze and heavily panting.
Did he.. did he just save her?

"t...t-thanks...", she uttered, not sure if the creature would even understand her. Perry looked horrified at the knight's corpse.... he just killed a man, as simple as that.... Yet somehow it felt like it had been the right thing to do, and a sense of reward fell over him.
He walked up slowly towards her, and reached out his hand in an effort to help her get up. He was way taller than her, that she could tell. She brushed his hand aside and got up on her own. She looked around and saw the corpses of the men that had escorted her laying around her, the remaining black horse scurrying around between them.
She turned away her eyes, she couldn't bare seeing it.
A large hand fell upon her shoulder, and she looked up at Perry. Perry had no idea what he was doing, but he knew he needed this woman to find out what was going on. The situation freaked him out too, but they had to remain their composure.

Calming down, gwendolyn regained her resolve.
"Right... no time for this. We're still in the middle of the mission, as Faeren would've said...", she spoke, mostly to herself as Perry just stood there looking at her. "I need YOU", she said pointing at his chest, "to follow me. We need to get to Wyndia. Information will follow there and on the road."
"I'll ride the horse... can you... follow?", she asked questioningly. He seemed to understand her so far. Perry pondered for a bit.... somewhere deep down, he had the feeling he could easily keep up with the horse, yet he had no reason to believe that. Still, he gave a hesistant nod and confirmed her question.
"ALright, we need to go then!", she said quite loudly as she ran to the horse. "These were just scouts, even though way better armed than expected. If they don't report back, a patrol will soon follow. If we move fast we can use the main road out of here before anything reaches us.", she said determined. She climbed on the horse and looked back, finding Perry scurrying with the two corpses of the black knights.
"What are you doing?", she asked.

He looked up and raised Faeren's twin axes, bloodied and all, from the corpses while wearing a belt around his torso.
"Protection", he answered simply as it was the first word that came to mind. "So you CAN talk!", She laughed and rallied the horse to turn and dash towards the road.
Perry stood there for a second before he realised he needed to follow her. He fastened the axes to the belt and jumped forward, tumbling about a bit as he was surprised by his own speed.
"W-Wait up!"

Whatever the hell was happening, it all started to seem suspisciously familliar to the worlds he created when drawing.

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Dark Before The Dawn- RP thread Empty Re: Dark Before The Dawn- RP thread

Post  Sahrimnir on Fri Dec 17, 2010 7:45 am

"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic."
— Arthur C Clarke

Sahrimnir and Albrecht were waiting in a clearing while Berk was hunting for dinner. Sahrimnir decided to try if his cell phone would work.

No signal... I thought so...

"What's that?" Albrecht asked.

"It's a phone," Sahrimnir answered. "You use it to talk to people that are far away. But it doesn't seem to work here."

"Is it some kind of magic?"

"No, it's just a machine. It translates my speech to signals that it sends away and the one I talk to has a similar machine that translates the signals back to speech."

"Sounds like magic to me," Albrecht said with a confused expression on his face.

"Okay then. Let's call it magic," Sahrimnir responded with a laugh.

He paused for a while and then continued "It can also do other things like take pictures. Smile."

*click* Albrecht was taken by surprise by the camera in Sahrimnir's phone, so the picture didn't turn out very good.

"Maybe I could get more warning the next time, so that I can prepare for the picture."

Sahrimnir laughed. "Okay then. Want to try again?"


"Yes, that is much better picture. I look really good if I may say so myself. Can your magical device do anything else?"

"Well, it can also play music," Sahrimnir said and pressed some buttons on the phone.

"It's beautiful," Albrecht said.

Suddenly a bear appeared out of the trees. Albrecht screamed "Save me, oh great warrior!"

Sahrimnir panicked. He didn't know what to do. He decided to try the first thing that went through his mind. He threw his phone at the growling bear. Luckily it went right into the bear's mouth and got stuck in its throat. As the bear choked, Sahrimnir saw some weird text appear over the bear's head.

"crit 9999"

As the bear fell to the ground, Berk returned.

"I heard a lot of noise! What's going on here?"

"We were attacked by a bear," Albrecht answered. "Fortunately, the great warrior managed to defeat the animal."

As Albrecht turned around, he saw Sahrimnir sticking his arm deep into the mouth of the bear.

"Um, great warrior? What are you doing?"

"I want my friggin' phone back!"
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Dark Before The Dawn- RP thread Empty Re: Dark Before The Dawn- RP thread

Post  Raya on Sat Dec 18, 2010 8:20 am

I bashed this out super quick due to time constraints. Sorry about the quality >>

Morning saw Raya and Ansem reach a small hamlet. The storm had abated, the sky brightening, the fields filled with mist from the evaporating rain. Just faintly on the horizon could be seen the dark blur of a distant city, obscured by the haze. Even at this early hour the villagers were out and about, beginning their first chores. Their escorts had wandered off to secure transport, leaving the pair of them free to mill around.

Raya washed her face in a trough, examining her reflection with some consternation. She could now see the source of the blood she'd woken up in- a wound on her forehead. It appeared strangely regular in shape, almost like a multi-pronged pattern. If anything she'd call it a brand as opposed to a scar. Oh great, now she was practically cattle. If it was a brand though what was its meaning? Could it have simply resulted from the summoning? Unlikely, she hadn't heard Ansem mention anything similar. She made a mental note to ask him, alongside a proper way to bring it up. She was fairly certain that a request to check out his naked body would probably be misinterpreted.

Speaking of which...she glanced up to see if she could spot her companion. Ah, there he was. Casually leaning against a doorframe and chatting up a young lady doing laundry.

"Hey there," he purred "My name's Ansem. And who might you be?"

"I'm really worried about the advancing Army," said the woman "Do you think they'll reach here?"

"I'm sure there's nothing to worry about," Ansem's voice was as smooth as silk, that cad "A pretty girl like you doesn't need to concern herself with such things."

"I'm really worried about the advancing Army," replied the woman "Do you think they'll reach here?"

Her reply completely threw him "I'm sorry, what?"

"I'm really worried abou-"

"Y'know," said Raya, suddenly appearing at his shoulder, brushing her hair over to conceal her brand "I'm starting to suspect something about this world."

"Like what? Everybody's mad?"

"Probably. But take a look around. Everything's vaguely medieval. People can use magic. There's talking dogs- sorry, kobolds. Numbers appear when you hit things. Random villagers say the same thing over and over. Doesn't this sound a little...familiar?"

Ansem gave her a hard look "Are you saying that we're in a computer game?"

"No, not exactly. But this world though, it seems to fill all the criteria. Besides, it's not lik-" she noticed Ansem studying her intently "What are you doing?"

"If this is a game I'm trying to see your stats."

She winced "Dude, don't do that, that's creepy."

"What? I'm only checking you out."


They were interrupted by the sound of hoofbeats. Entering the hamlet came three figures mounted on horses. The first was a man, leading the way, followed closely behind by a young woman and a youth sharing a horse. They drew to a halt, the man dismounting and heading off in the direction of Isaac and the mages. The woman turned to the boy behind her, said a few words then dismounted herself, following the man.

The youth sat on the horse looking distinctly uncomfortable. Compared to the others he was dressed in rather unusual white clothing, topped with a rich red cloak. If anything, he struck them as looking rather like a white mage. He glanced on either side of the horse, as though one side might be easier to get down from than the other. Bracing himself against the saddle he twisted round, getting caught on the pommel and lurching violently, nearly toppling over backwards. Regaining his balance he steadied himself, both legs now on the same side of the horse. Taking a deep breath he slid off, only to catch his foot in the stirrup and land flat on his back in the dirt. The horse turned its head at the commotion, giving him a look that was probably the closest equine equivalent to contempt.

The boy sat up, wincing, when a hand was offered to him. He glanced up, seeing Ansem there smiling down at him.

"Need a hand?"

He took the proffered hand and stood up, dusting down his robes "Thanks. I'm not used to horses. Not really used to here, to be honest." At the sound of footsteps he looked up, realising a blonde haired woman had joined them. She was scrutinising him in a way that made him feel rather uncomfortable "Ahem...can I help you?"

The woman studied him for a few seconds more, then spoke.


The youth flinched in surprise. How did this girl know his name? The man who'd helped him to his feet was staring at his companion, then realisation dawned on him and he turned.


Wait, what? What was going on? Knowing his name was one thing, but his username? He stared at the two, then it suddenly clicked.

"Ansem?" If this man was Ansem, then that meant the woman with the blonde hair and funny accent was..."Raya?"

Raya laughed and seized him in a bear hug, taking him by surprise "Avalanche! You of all people, fancy meeting you here!"

He gingerly detached himself "What the hell are you two doing here?"

"We were summoned," replied Ansem "And I'm guessing you were too."

Avalanche nodded "This is just getting weird. Why, out of all the people in world, would us three be summoned up?"

"Hey, Ansem," interjected Raya "Remember when Isaac said at the castle we'd meet more 'of our kind'? Do you think...there's more of the forum members there?"

"Hey, listen up, you bunch of fishwives!" they were interrupted by a swift bark as Gon appeared, looking as grumpy as ever "We've arranged a cart to take you to Wyndia. Get a move on, unless you fancy walking along with us commoners."

The cart in question looked more suited for transporting hay than people and appeared to have a native population of chickens. The three settled themselves down as comfortable as they could get and the cart began to move, their escorts forming almost an honour guard around them.

"Well," said Ansem, nodding towards Raya "I guess we'll find out soon enough."

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Dark Before The Dawn- RP thread Empty Re: Dark Before The Dawn- RP thread

Post  Perry on Sat Dec 18, 2010 12:21 pm

Trees went out of vision as fast as they got into it, the sound of hooves galloping through at high pace. Gwendolyn raced down the forest path with a surprisingly well coping Perry following behind her. His steps felt light yet powerfull, as his legs seemed to have increased in power immensely. Overall he seemed to have gained quite the amount of muscle between what happened in the classroom and where he was now. How long had he been out anyway... Maybe he was still out cold, the last thing he could remember was falling down the stairs. He must've hit his head real hard.

But then, why did this all seem and feel so real? Why did he feel the wind rushing down his face, smell the scents of the forests and his hairy legs setting of the ground? His headache seemed to be gone, together with the horrifying pain in his legs. Every muscle in his body seemed sore because of rapid growth, however.

With the speed they were running, Perry's hair got blown into his eyes. He moved his hand to move it out of his sight, but as he reached up he suddenly felt something that didn't belong there.

Gwendolyn got startled by the sudden scream behind her and stopped her horse, only to find her companion standing still on the road, his hands tugging on the horns attached to his head.
"WHAT THE HELL ARE THESE?! WHAT THE FUCK?!", Perry yelled freaked out. Out of his head had sprouted two large horns, growing all the way back to his head with a split halfway, one side pointing up. At first reaction he tried pulling them off, but as soon as he tugged on them, he could feel their connection to the bone of his skull.

"What are you doing?!", Gwendolyn yelled at him. "We need to move!"Perry looked at the woman with a flabbergasted look on his face. Was it everyday business for her to run around with a freaking abomination or something?
"Well excuse me for suddenly finding out that I have ffin bones sprouting out of my cranium!", Perry snapped back. A slight expression of confusion befell on Gwen's face. She turned her horse and made it slowly walk up to Perry. "You mean... you didn't have those before?", she asked confused.
"OFCOURSE NOT! I'm a human, like you. Last time i checked we normally don't have horns and we need clothes to cover our private parts!", Perry said, still freaked out.

"You were human?"
, Gwendolyn repeated after Perry. "But you run so naturally with those legs"
"Hell if i know how im doing that", perry responded still with both hands on his horns.
"The summoning wasn't supposed to alter our champions, was it?...", gwendolyn said outloud, more towards herself than to Perry.
"Summoning?", Perry said baffled. So that's what those weirdass stones were. "And why do you keep calling me champion?"

Gwendolyn pondered for a moment. Could the summoning have altered these people from the other world to fit them for battle in ours?
Either way, they had to keep moving. Vandir should already be waiting not much further on with Nyall and some more soldiers. They'd be safe there.
She pulled the ropes of the horse, turning it around and shouted back at Perry. "Hop on! Talking goes harder when you're out of breath and a few feet away"
He didn't let her say that twice again, and hopped on the horse behind Gwen as it started to dash forward.
Not having ever ridden a horse before, Perry almost fell off but managed to hold on by throwing an arm around Gwendolyn's waist.
"Umpf!", she responded. "Don't tell me you've never ridden a horse before either!", she yelled back with her stomach hurting.
"Not exactly no", Perry replied. "We don't use animals for anything but food or as pets where i come from. But that's besides the point, could you finally tell me what's going on and why i'm all horny?"
"YOU'RE WHAT?!", Gwen said as she looked back just to see Perry point to his horns with an solemn expression. "Oh, yeah ofcourse you meant that", she muttered to herself under her breath so he wouldn't hear her over the sound of the wind.

"This world is called Dragnia", she started explaining. "We're in the middle of a war right now, armies and armies of those guys you saw earlier."
"All in black and without a sound?!", Perry yelled back over the howling speed.

Gwendolyn scoffed. He couldn't imagine half of how creepy it was to see rows and rows of the Nameless march forward.

The horse raced onward with Perry's legs hanging limp on it's side, slowly scaling down the forest path leading up the mountain with the tip of the mountain fading into the clouds.
"We've tried everything we could to stop them, but nothing worked. So we turned to an old prophecy", Gwendolyn continued. "One of warriors from beyond being summoned into our world to stop this evil army from invading our lands."She glanced back at Perry who was still trying desperately not to fall of.
"YOU, are supposed to be one of those warriors"

"This is starting to sound more and more like a bad fanfic", Perry sighed.
"So why am I a goat?!"
"A faun!"
"A what?"
"You're a FAUN!, half man half goat! Guardians or spirits of the forest!",
Gwendolyn yelled back. "Don't they have those where you're from?"
"Only in books!"
"Im surprised! You actually have something in common with us!"
, she retorded. "I honestly don't know why you'd change during the summoning, but im just the summoner. We'll find out more once we're in Wyndia."
"And how are we supposed to get there?!"
, Perry yelled.

"We're meeting up with a man called Vandir not far from here. He'll guide us safely back!"
"Like those dwarves were supposed to do aswell?"
, Perry blurted out unknowingly.... It remained silent in front, except for he heaving of the horse. He immediately regretted bringing it up. Those mens gave their lives for him, what had gotten into him to say such a thing.

"So what's your name?", he asked hesitantly trying to pick up the conversation.
"Gwendolyn", she responded but she didn't ask for his.

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Dark Before The Dawn- RP thread Empty Re: Dark Before The Dawn- RP thread

Post  ¿Señior Poopy Water? on Sat Dec 18, 2010 5:09 pm

This is a disappearing into the background post. Still really into this RP, so I do plan on posting more once my schedule clears up. (Which should be in 2 weeks) So don't replace me just yet Surprised

Getting use to his new horse body wasn't an easy feat. Especially with two men riding on his back. About 10 miles from where he had appeared in this strange new land he was now running as fast as he could from foes he could not see. The terrain started to get rougher and SPW could barely keep his balance.
Then SPW took a spill and the weight on his shoulders was gone. He heard the men saying.

"They're right on our tail. We have to split up!"
"I suppose you're right, we'll rendezvous back in Wyndia. I'll take the-"
"They;re here! How did they get here this fast! This isnt good, quickly let's get out of here!!"
"But what about the champion!?"
"This ass is no champion! I'm not putting my life on the line for it. Die here with your horse if you want, I'm leaving"

As SPW got himself up he realized he was alone, but the footsteps of his so called enemies we're very close by.

So SPW fled into the wilderness of a strange land, in a strange new body. His only direction is the name Wyndia.

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Dark Before The Dawn- RP thread Empty Re: Dark Before The Dawn- RP thread

Post  Fedaykin on Sun Dec 19, 2010 7:04 am

What a wierd dream... but strangely real at the same time. So many blurred visions in his mind, fragments of memories of his life... that wasn't his at all, Fedaykin was sure about that. What the hell is going on here? I have to focus There were mumbling noises around him, it took him a few moments to recognise them as voices. There was this gentle, shaking sensation as well. Some kind of smell entered his nose, an animal... he opened his eyes and found himself laying across the back of a horse. This had to be a magical horse, it was surrounded with a faint orange aura... wait, there were some men as well, talking to each other. They were surrounded by the same aura as the horse... Strange... I guess I got hit pretty hard on the head. This makes no sense at all. Then the horse went over a small puddle of water, reflecting his image. The shock hit him like a Monorail on top speed. Glowing orange eyes stared at him, embedded in a face without life in it, showing the marks of decay in an advanced stage. He now recognized a faint smell of ammonia in the air, the smell of rot. Fedaykin let go a hysterical, high pitched scream, making the horse go wild and throwing him off right into the puddle.

"What the hell, foul creature, do you want to get us all killed?" Vandir snapped at him, "enemy patrols sweep this region and believe me, you don't want to fall into their hospitality." He made a quick handsign to his four associates, who scanned the surrounding area, one holding onto the horse, calming it. Fedaykin now realized, that they were on the edge of a forest, the way behind them leading down from the mountains. Vandir approached the confused Undead with caution, talking to him in a low voice. "Let's make it simple, we don't have much time. Where is Nyall? What happened at the summoning? And most important, who are you?" His glance darted into the orange glow, making Fedaykin uneasy. This man, tall, in his middle 30es, his hair long brown and in disarray, clad in light leather armor, a claymore on his back, wanted answers and they'd better satisfy him. "I don't know what happened...Verdammt nochmal... I was at work, as usual, my cellphone rang... and then there was pain. Next I know, I see this man on the ground...skull opened, no brain... no wait, I was summoning a champion, like the council instructed me to... what am I talking about? What kind of champion, goddamnit, WHERE AM I??!?!?!? He screamed the last words with a croaky voice, that didn't sound like him at all. Confusion clouded his thoughts, panic rising.

Vandir jumped at him, punching Fedaykin in the face before he was able to react. "Shut it, fool! I told you to be quiet!" Vandir's face was a mask of anger, his voice the hiss of a rattlesnake. He opened his mouth, but before he could say anything more, a whistle from one of his men got his attention. The man, dressed like his companions in light leather armor, a hood covering his head, equipped with sword, shield and bow, pointed towards the wood. Four figures emerged on foot, clad in the black armor, that was the sign of terror in all of the Northlands. They were slowly approaching, leaving no doubt on their goal and intention. Vandir cursed while drawing his claymore, shouting short orders to his men, who prepared for battle. Fedaykin stood up slowly, watching the enemy coming closer. "Do I assume correctly, that those people over there are no friends of yours? No...?"

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Dark Before The Dawn- RP thread Empty Re: Dark Before The Dawn- RP thread

Post  TD260 on Sun Dec 19, 2010 3:41 pm

"OW. Sunova..."
TD fell through a hole in the sky, landing on a pile of rocks. His eyes swimming, he swears he can see the words 10 damage float in front of his eyes. Shaking his head, he adjusts his glasses and looks around. He is standing on top of a hill surrounded by oceans of grass, the sky a patchwork of colors- Blue above him, gray far in the distance, and burning yellow to the south. He looked back down towards his feet, and saw his bag lying in the shadow of a monolith of stone. He looked up at it, and thought
oh god dammit... I've died and gone to 2001 a space odyssey...
TD limped towards the stone, and gave it a long, hard look.
This is out of place, isn't it? A giant chunk of a mountain, sitting in the middle of the plains? What is this doing here? I... ok, what the hell is that?
As TD mulled over the strange rock, words began to appear in the bottom of his vision, reflections in his glasses.
A strange rock. Half a summoning circle can be seen on it.
Ok, this is getting freakish. I fell through a wall, landed on rubble from said wall in the middle of a field in a place where worlds float in mid-air, and i have no idea how I got here. The last thing I remember is reading that stupid trance book...
TD smacked himself in the forehead, realization dawning.
He took the book out of his bag, and started to read the back cover.
Face your Fears! Improve your mind! Learn the inner workings of your mind through meditative trances! warning: do not attempt in public spaces.
TD's mind flashed back to the chaos he went through, but this time he saw the truth- he was running from nothing. He saw through his own eyes, seeing the path he took, looking over his shoulder at something that wasn't there. Racing through the streets, through a gathering storm, chased through the streets through a manifestation of his fear. In his memory, he raced through an alley, and his phone range- he took it out, and that's when his vision went blank, absorbed by a golden light.
"what... what happened? I put myself into some weird-ass coma thing, went insane, and then... nothing."
His phone beeped in his pocket, and he pulled it out, staring at it without recognition.
It's my phone... and it's working? But... I must be miles away from any sort of cell tower... hwo...
TD slid up the screen of the phone, and saw a message from the TWBB forums.
It's a mafia notification? The hell?
He opened the message, and read it. All that was in the message were the words "You were chosen". His phone beeped again, and then shut off as it's battery ran out.
this is too freaking much... first the giant monolith, then the text from nowhere, now mysterious mafia messages? Why did this sort of crap have to happen to me?
Td's vision went hazy, and flickered once, then twice. He collapsed into the rubble, exhausted. As he fell into the endless black behind his eyes, he could only think of one thing.
What IS up with that damn text?

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Dark Before The Dawn- RP thread Empty Re: Dark Before The Dawn- RP thread

Post  Avalanche on Sun Dec 19, 2010 4:45 pm

Moar posting people

Avalanche held on to Petra. He never rode on a horse before, and immediately going top speed defiantly wasn’t something he was expecting. He didn’t know how long he held on, just that he wished it was over already.
Petra and Ivan didn’t say a word. Petra did look back a lot. Not checking up on Avalanche but on the road behind them, as if she was expecting they were being followed. Avalanche followed the example of Petra and Ivan and remained quiet. They passed a corpse…..or something that must have looked like one. Countless arrows were stuck in the back of it. Ivan and Petra looked at it briefly, before looking bitterly at the road ahead.

After a hour or so on the back of a horse, Ivan finally broke the silence.
’I think we’re close to the hamlet’ He shouted to Avalanche and Petra. ’With some luck Gon and the others will be there already’.
Petra looked back to Avalanche. ‘Don’t make a fool out of yourself in front of the other champions.’
Avalanche groaned, and started to hate this world more and more. Or at least the annoying people inhabiting it. ’Why do you keep calling me a champion?
I’m beginning to wonder about that myself
Said Petra cold.
’Now children….. Play nice.’ Mumbled Ivan.
’Shut your face Ivan!’ shouted Petra annoyed. ’Nothing this kid has shown us, convinces me he is a more suited to be a champion then I am.
’It is not our place to doubt our superiors Petra! said Ivan suddenly raising his voice in a threatening manner.
Petra looked as if she wanted to say something, but remained quiet for the rest of the journey.

Finally they arrived at a small hamlet. It looked exactly as Avalanche had imagined the peasants to live during medieval times. He didn’t like it when he stood out, and with his white clothes he looked completely out of place. Ivan and Petra hopped of smoothly, but Avalanche was kinda startled at how high the horse suddenly seemed, and was trying to figure out how to get off.
”We’re gonna see if there’s anyone else here.” Said Petra. ”Don’t wander off too far and don’t make a fool out of yourself.
Avalanche wanted to reply, but Petra was already on her way. Frustrated he started to measure up what the best way to dismount would be. Trying to hang on the saddle almost caused him to lose balance, so he chose to try and slide himself down. Doing that however, he tripped and fell on his back.
”This really isn’t my day……” he thought to himself.

”Need a hand?” a voice near him asked.
Avalanche, grateful to finally find someone who wasn’t barking orders or belittling him, accepted the hand and stood up.
"Thanks. I'm not used to horses. Not really used to here, to be honest.". The man’s face was hidden behind a dark cloak, so Avalanche didn’t get to see his reaction. But he assumed he was friendly.
As he looked up he realized a blond woman was approaching them. She seemed to be wearing a leather armor, and had a odd mark on her forehead. Her eyes seemed directly aimed at Avalanche. He started scratching his head, a nervous habit he developed.
Avalanche looked up. This was the first time today someone called him by his actual name….. How did she…..
The man in the dark cloak turned back to him and did his hood off, revealing a handsome blond face. ”Avalanche?”
How did these people know his name, and his username for that matter. Avalanche did a small step back before realizing the unmistakable dutch accent the man was speaking with. And how british the woman sounded merely mentioning his name.
” Ansem? …..Raya? Is that you?”
Raya hugged Avalanche, and the three of them chatted a little. Catching up on what the hell had happened. According to Ansem, they had been summoned, and according to Raya (or the man called Isaac), there could be more of them.

It baffled Avalanche they were in such a strange world, when all of the sudden a strange cross between pig, dog and human appeared, telling them to get aboard a cart.
Avalanche wanted to open his mouth in disbelief seeing the creature, but Raya pulled him along on the cart.
It wasn’t anything luxurious….or even close to comfortable. It was probably used by a farmer or something, as they had to share the kart with 10 chickens, give or take.

”I take it you’ve never seen a kobold before?” said Raya teasingly.
”I really, really wanna know what is going on and when we can return home” groaned Avalanche.”Look at this mess. We’re in a chicken kart going god knows where, and are escorted, guarded or even captured by these strange people and their manpigdogs.
”Son, you better not be talking about me there….” Sounded a grumpy voice.
”I’m pretty sure we are safe” said Ansem. ”Raya and I figured this place is a lot like those typical RPG’s and they probably just need us for a clichéd quest to safe the princess or whatever.
“Yeah but how do you know that?”
“Ansem tried talking to a random village girl……she kept spouting the same nonsense line over and over and over.”
Said Raya.
”Then what about our escorts?”
said Avalanche.”They seem perfectly capable of normal speech.
“Dude, we don’t have all the answers.
said Ansem lightly annoyed. ”We have little choice now then to go along and see what’s what.

Avalanche sighed and had to agree with Ansem on this. They didn’t exactly had anyone else to turn to in this weird world. He just wished he knew more about it.

”Can ya’ll keep it down in there!?” said the kobold. ”We’re nearing the gates.

Raya said that you wanted to describe our glorious entry into the city Ansem, so take it away.

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Dark Before The Dawn- RP thread Empty Re: Dark Before The Dawn- RP thread

Post  Ansem on Mon Dec 20, 2010 7:50 am

Ok, I'll write it. Also, placeholder people, start writing your darn posts already!

Ansem's head was getting a bit dizzy. All these things happening, it was so surreal, it was unreal, was it even real? But the flames in that wall felt really hot, the sword of the kobold looked really sharp, and when he held Raya in his arms, she felt real alright. Maybe this whole thing was real, they were in a new world, full of magics, mystical creatures and adventures. Wasn't this everything he'd ever want? To live in a Fantasy world, like LARP, but then real? Why then did he feel so...weird. Every step he took he felt the earth cry. Why? Why would anything cry when he touched, except tears of joy ofcourse. Did he...Did he have some kind of curse on him, did they all have it. Ansem made a mental note of asking the others, but he didn't really want to do it. Asking them if they felt the earth cry would probably result in him being shunned the rest of the time they're here.

As soon as the Kobold yelled at them that they were nearing the gates, Ansem stood up in the cart, to see a magnificent wall rising up in front of them. Large, made of yellow coloured stone, almost golden. Two great towers were...well, towering above the rest of the wall. In between those towers were the Gates, large metal doors that were opened. Ansem spotted the gate mechanics pretty fast, if the towers saw something approaching, the gates would close in a matter of seconds. Fascinating, he had to see where these people were with technology. So far he saw swords, bows, some crossbows on the walls. No guns or cannons, was Gunpowder invented yet?
The other 2 were staring at the massive structures too, clearly in awe. This was nothing like seeing it in Oblivion, or Morrowind, or Fable or whatever. This was the real deal. Isaac rode next to the trio and smiled heartily.
"It's beautiful, isn't it? The great city of Wyndia, home of the winged people, and the largest city in all of the Northlands. Ofcourse, they say the Holy city of Isharah is more magnificent, but in terms of home, there's no place like Wyndia. Come, i'll show you around while we walk to the Council."
The three stepped out of the cart, and walked with Isaac and Petra. The rest said they'd meet them at the Council.

The inner city could be described in one word. Alive. The city was booming and living, everywhere you looked you saw different people. Different colours, races, clothing, everything. A lot of humans walked around, some with wings, large or small. A few Elves here and there, and sometimes you could spot a Kobold or a Dwarf if you looked closely. Isaac showed them the Market, where you couldn't hear yourself think over the sounds of people selling and buying goods. Ansem couldn't help but smile at the children playing a ball game in the streets.
Armed men patrolled regularly, in squads of 5. Every now and then there was a Tower, serving as a watch post for that area and a barracks. Isaac told them about the people who lived here, but mostly showed them where to look. Petra was walking behind them, an angry look on her face, but Isaac ignored that. Slowly, a large, round building appeared before them, built out of the same material as the walls.
"Ah, the Council hall. I don't know if we're the first to arrive, let me check." Isaac walked up to a guard, who looked like a captain from his uniform. Isaac asked him something, the captain shook his head.
"It seems that we're the first. Now i don't want any panic, but it could mean that some of the other champions were intercepted before the could make it here.."
Raya looked up to Isaac. "What does that mean?
Petra opened her mouth for the first time they've been here.
"It means that the enemy got to them first, and they're probably dead, They don't do the capturing thing."
Ansem was shocked. If the three of them were from the forums, there was a high chance that the others were too. And if they were killed...

"Come on, we'd est go inside and wait for the others to show up." Isaac beckoned to follow him.
"If they'll ever show up. By the way you three look, my hopes aren't exactly high.."
Petra had set a dark mood for the 3 as the walked up to the Council Hall.
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Dark Before The Dawn- RP thread Empty Re: Dark Before The Dawn- RP thread

Post  Sahrimnir on Tue Dec 21, 2010 5:26 pm

After Sahrimnir, Berk and Albrecht had finished eating (that bear was delicious), they continued their journey.

"Where were we going again?" Sahrimnir asked.

"First we're meeting up with a man named Vandir," Albrecht answered. "He is supposed to have gathered a few of the other summoned warriors. Then we'll travel together to Wyndia."

"Okay then. I'll..." Sahrimnir began, but he was interrupted by the sound of Berk falling through the ground in front of them.


"What happened? Are you okay?"

"I think my leg is broken!" Berk shouted from the bottom of the hole.

Sahrimnir immediately jumped down to check on Berk.

"Let me see how the leg looks."

"Urgh... Okay then..."

The leg didn't look very good and the fall had caused a bleeding wound. As Sahrimnir's hands touched Berk's leg, they shone with a white light. The wound seemed to close by itself and Berk felt the pain disappearing from his leg.

As Sahrimnir saw this, a look of astonishment appeared on his face. "What just happened? Did I do that?"

"I think you did," the dwarf answered. "Thanks, buddy."

Sahrimnir helped Berk get up from the hole and the three continued on their way.

After a while, they reached a weird-looking tree. Well, actually there were three trees, but they were intertwined in a spiral and formed a thicker tree. Albrecht suddenly stopped.

"Ah, here it is. The Tree of Trivia."

"Is this where we'll meet up with the others?" Sahrimnir asked.

"Indeed," Albrecht answered. "Now we'll just have to wait."

@Fed and Perry: When you're done with your stuff, you can just come pick me up. I might not be able to post for a few days.

@Raya and Ansem: If you think healing a broken leg is too much for me this early, that could easily be handwaved by saying that Berk's leg wasn't really broken. He's just a big wuss and he overreacted.
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Dark Before The Dawn- RP thread Empty Re: Dark Before The Dawn- RP thread

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