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Dark Before The Dawn- RP thread

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Post  SnakeInABox on Wed May 02, 2018 6:40 pm

"Well honestly levey, I don't even know where to begin." Snake said as he passed the joint to Levi, who just kind of held it as he listened to the story unfold. "I was on my computer talking to people from the forum when things go black, maybe white... It was one, or two, or seven years ago so I don't exactly remember what I was doing before this became my life. I was there one second and then I was here. I found the group performing at a traveling circus, where I joined up and took on the mantle of the Invisible Man. I think. We quit the circus to join an army for war, and then Spont was thrown off a mountain by a robot and then they both exploded. We fought in a war and Fed died, and then was brought back to life as a werewolf. It turned out that Quaetam was the president of the country that we were fighting, and I had to talk him out of his being hypnotized by the corruptible powers of bureaucracy. Afterwards We all had a celebration at a bar and after a huge fight broke out we had to flee into some caves. There were shadow demons chasing us, and we all hid out until we thought the coast was clear. I think Raya and TD might be dating now, I mean id ask but it's none of my business. We fought a big monster and then got teleported into this bar where we've made ourselves at home. A lot of other people you know are around here somewhere, though to be honest I haven't seen anyone for longer than I can remember. That being said, I don't remember breakfast." He stared at Levi, who stared back taking in all the crucial information that had suddenly been dropped on him. Snake reached out and took back the joint, relighting it and inhaling before turning to the bartender and tapping the bar for another round.

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Dark Before The Dawn- RP thread - Page 22 Empty Re: Dark Before The Dawn- RP thread

Post  The Magician's Adviser on Thu May 10, 2018 5:48 pm

Special Thanks:

Thanks to Raya and Quaetam for all the help with edits and proofreading
“Are you guys alright? Also what the Hell?” MAd’s last word withered in her throat.
The young man’s face was flushed, but he was clearly sober. The young man quickly brushed past the server, staring as his feet as he went. The blonde-haired woman looked as if she had just watched a bomb fail to detonate. The Magician's Adviser approached her, apprehensive.
“Is everything okay?”
Raya didn’t seem to register the question right away. After a moment she looked up at the interloper and replied with a measured voice “He’s been through a lot. We all have.”
“Do you want to talk about it?” Eliza replied automatically. For once Eliza wasn’t sure if she was ready to follow through. She’d seen adventurers and refugees stumble through the Hook with worry-worn, weary faces, but the champions looked like they might have passed through the bowels of Satan himself.
Dodging the question, Raya graciously looked over Eliza’s shoulder, and asked “What’s that sepia-toned Kirby-looking thing?”
“Oh!” The slacks-clad Champion’s expression flashed with delight. She turned to regard the otherworldly Marvin The Clinically Depressed Robot impersonator behind her Their name’s Argyle. They’re my…. Familiar? Magic buddy? Stand? I dunno what they are per se, but they are lovely, and my friend and they can do this!” Eliza snapped her fingers and the Kirby-shaped clay UFO opened their eyes, revealing a pupil made of he absence of clay. The sight of Eliza’s magic buddy and their strange clay eyes should’ve been off-putting, but Raya started chuckling despite herself.

“I’m not one hundred percent sure what it does, but people have a hard time frowning around me when I do it, so I call it Happy Faces!”

“Happy Faces?!” Raya snorted. “O-okay, MAd you can turn that off now please!”

As proud of the spell as she was, the Magician’s Adviser was happy to release it. Argyle closed their eyes, and a weight removed itself from her lungs. She took a full, deep breath, as did the leader of the group.
“That’s an interesting power MAd,” Raya intoned, as if she were still looking for a kinder word. “Does Argyle have anything else in their bag of tricks?”
“Not that I’ve seen,” Argyle’s friend admitted. “But this is an RPG world right? I’m sure once Argyle and I level up a bit we’ll be able to do some dope shit.”
Raya did not seem reassured. The Champions had enough on their shoulders without babysitting a newbie – and they’d seen enough death in the past few weeks.

“MAd, you should probably stay out of trouble for now, let us do most of the heavy lifting for now”. Raya’s tone wasn’t pitying, but rather it was understanding. Eliza knew she was right, but her shoulders still slumped a little.

“Sure,” the new Champion nodded and turned to leave, then stopped short. “Oh, and about the chair…”

“TD said he’d pay for it”

“Oh, okay.”
The Magician's Adviser
The Magician's Adviser
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Dark Before The Dawn- RP thread - Page 22 Empty Re: Dark Before The Dawn- RP thread

Post  Requiem on Sat May 12, 2018 12:58 am

Requiem blinked for a moment, snapping himself out of what felt like a daze. Mixed memories of his life before and the situation that he found himself in now barraged him as he tried to get his feel for the situation. What had happened? Who had died? What was going on for him? Details seemed fuzzy at first, but he remembered some of it. Little pieces. It seemed like details were shifting though, he had somehow changed, and it seemed like maybe the others had as well. After a couple of moments, his memories and feelings solidified, bringing him back into the conscious world.

"Right, well, that's enough excitement for the moment for me. 'Liza, can I get a bottle of whiskey?" Eliza? No, that seemed right somehow. There was another name, but it's gone now. "I could use a nightcap, and after the ride we've had over the last... Fuck if I know how long it's been, I'm gonna need a big one." The Demi-Wraith remarked standing up somewhat shakily. He probably wouldn't need the booze to sleep, but he figured at the worst chance, it'd keep him from dreaming. Requiem paused, and turned to Q, "And tomorrow my friend, you and I need to have a conversation." He didn't stop again once he'd gotten his bottle until he found his place to sleep, emptied half the bottle, and passed out, only the voices of the dead and damned echoing in his ears to keep him company.
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Dark Before The Dawn- RP thread - Page 22 Empty Re: Dark Before The Dawn- RP thread

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