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Post  Eiron on Wed Mar 09, 2011 8:18 pm


A good long while ago, a game called The Conduit came out, which a few of us here decided to pick up. After some thorough playthroughs and online shenanigans, the consensus was reached that while not perfect, it was certainly a good romp into the starved realm of Wii first person shooters. Now, High Voltage Software is back with a sequel that’s been improved in just about every way, which will be hitting stores on April 19. So, I’m here to present you with more information in one sitting than anyone could conceivably ever want, so I don’t end up being the only person to get this.

Keep two things in mind while proceeding.

1. If someone tells you that I’m an adbot, they’re lying.
2. While typing this, Microsoft Word decided it wanted to try and autocorrect everything to Spanish.
3. Gratuitous use of italics may occur.

These are relevant points of information.


Everybody loves multiplayer, so HVS decided that Conduit 2 should have an absolutely ridiculous amount of multiplayer features. We’ve got 14 game modes, 7 customizable character models, 21 weapons, 30 perks (upgrades/abilities), 4 customizable loadouts, 12 maps (which, by the way, are freaking enormous), achievements, metals, a patching system, and the ability to tweak just about everything in a match, including running speed and gravity. Gravity. There is also a cooperative “Invasion” mode, which is basically Horde Mode from Gears of War. Which is cool, I guess.

Other new additions include the ability to use the new Wii headset, a Rivals system which allows you to add players without the need for Friend Codes, the ability to boot players via vote in the lobby, the ability to revive teammates, the ability to stop global warming and save the rainforests, and some other things I can’t think of right now.

On a more general level, the control scheme is just as customizable as the first game, with a few new additions. Players can still map any command they want to any button or motion, and now have the option to use the Classic or Classic Controller Pro. Many weapons now have an Iron Sights option, and there is now a dash function.

The single player campaign has been streamlined and expanded with more open environments, varied gameplay, smarter enemy AI, more enemy models, including the so called “modular men”, who are enemies with randomized armor pieces to create diversity among the ranks, cinematics, and much more voice work. Enemies will now act differently based on not only the weapon they’re using, but on what weapon you are using as well. They’ll knock over desks and soda machines for cover, dive away from grenades, rush you when you reload, suicide charge you if stuck with a Radiation Grenade, and blind fire at you from behind cover if you’re crosshairs stray too close to them. Unfortunately, none of the first game’s voice actors are returning, but the new ones do an admirable job, though the switch can be a little bit jarring. Especially since Mr. Ford is now voiced by John St. John, otherwise known as the guy who voiced Duke Nukem. Dialogue is suitably a tad more hammy.

Oh, and boss battles. And allied AI. And some other cool stuff.

Multiplayer Game Modes

Everybody loves multiplayer. No one bought Halo for its riveting story. Don’t hate me.

Deathmatch – First player to kill limit in the time allowed wins!

Balloon Battle – Lose balloons with every death. Gain balloons with kills. With no balloon, become a mini bomb! Last player alive wins! (Like Mario Kart. But with suicide bombers.)

ASE Ball – Longest time holding the ASE wins!

Bounty Hunter – Kill your assigned target for points or kill those hunter you for fun. But beware; killing someone who doesn’t fill those roles will cost you points!

Free for All CTF – Get to the flag and then carry it back to a random goal location. First to the scoring limit wins!

Team Deathmatch – First team to the kill limit in the time allowed wins!

Shared Stock – Teammates share a pool of lives while trying to get the highest kill count possible.

Capture the Flag – Each team tries to capture the ASE (flag) of the other. First team to the capture limit in the time allowed wins!

Single Flag CTF – Teams fight over a single centrally located ASE (flag). First team to capture limit wins!

VIP – Fight to kill the randomly selected VIP on the opposing team. First team to the point limit wins!

ASE Basketball – Each team tries to capture a centrally-located ASE and then carry it into the enemy base. Toss or carry the ASE through the goal to score. First team to the point limit wins!

Annexation – Teams fight for control over capture points. These totems award points over time. First team to the point limit wins!

Power Surge – Teams must defend their own generator while destroying the enemy’s when its shield is down. First team to destroy the generator or the team with the more intact generator wins!

Multiplayer Character Models

(Multiplayer skins, weapons, and upgrades are purchased with credits earned for doing well, unlocking achievements, and for leveling up. Therefore unlike games such as CoD and Goldeneye, you can choose what order you unlock your goodies.)

Trust Soldier

We Meet Again, Mr. Ford. TrustSoldierCharacterModel

Drudge Drone

We Meet Again, Mr. Ford. DrudgeDroneCharacterModel

Destroyer Armor

We Meet Again, Mr. Ford. DestroyerCharacterModel

Female Destroyer

-No picture available

Jade Warrior

We Meet Again, Mr. Ford. JadeWarriorCharacterModel


We Meet Again, Mr. Ford. CyborgCharacterModel


We Meet Again, Mr. Ford. ProgenitorCharacterModel

-The head, chest, shoulders, arms, legs, and knees of each character model can be individually customized with different parts and armor pieces. Additionally, each segment can be further customized with a primary and secondary color scheme.

Primary Weapons


SCAR: Fully automatic Assault Rifle. Zoom in using the scope to be deadly at any range.
-Note: The SCAR is now fully automatic, but turns to single-shot semi-automatic when using the scope. It also appears that SCAR bullets actually travel through the air at roughly the same speed as Energy weapons, rather than hitting their targets instantaneously as in the first Conduit (and most FPS’s).
-PRICE: Starting Weapon

SPAS: Pump action shotgun loaded with antipersonnel flechettes. Deadly at short ranges, but damage drops off quickly outside a few meters.
-PRICE: Starting Weapon

Phase Rifle: An advanced sniper rifle using electromagnetic rails to fire a high caliber round. In scope mode, the round can be tuned to a target up to 10m through physical objects and using phasing technology to deliver it through the blocking terrain.
-PRICE: 25,000

Widowmaker Turret: When placed, fires fully automatic flechettes. It automatically detects targets, warning the user when a target is available, and can be fired with a separate controller. The controller can manually operate the turret by using the alternate function button. It is prone to overheating and can be damaged by enemy fire.
-PRICE: 26,000


Carbonizer Mk16: A Trust heavy energy weapon. Its particle beam can incinerate a target in seconds. The barrel can be toggled up to speed, slowing movement but allowing instantaneous fire when the trigger is pulled.
-PRICE: 57,000

Strike Rifle: This semi-automatic rifle fires bursts of Drudge bio mass that can be charged up to fire a devastating burst attack. Linking to the user’s nervous system, it can enhance vision, duplicating the effects of a human scope.
-Note: Now has a much slower rate of fire than before, but seems to be much more powerful and with much higher projectile velocity. Each shot basically looks like the charged shot from the last game.
-PRICE: 3,500

Aegis Device: This weapon fires energy blasts, but its real power comes from its charge effect. While held, it generates a zero-point field that nullifies kinetic energy and stops and holds bullets, grenades, rockets, and other projectiles fired at the user. Releasing the charge fires the collected projectiles forward. The field is limited in how much mass it can carry and only protects in front of the gun.
-PRICE: 20,000

Dark Star: This ancient weapon fires a bizarre energy that adheres to targets it hits, inflicting damage over time. If a target dies while this energy is attached, the weapon’s alternate fire becomes available. This launches a singularity that will float towards viable targets and attempt to draw them in, destroying them utterly.
-PRICE: 60,000

AR-C Eclipse: The charge function absorbs light, rendering the user near-invisible to normal sight. As it fires shots, it heats up, doing more damage. The weapon will overheat or freeze if either function is overused.
-Note: Flash Grenades will knock you out of cloak.
-PRICE: 27,000


SMAW: Shoulder-launched Multipurpose Assault Weapon. Fires a HEDP rocket grenade suitable against both personnel and hard targets.
-PRICE: 55,000

Composite Weapon Types

TCP Launcher: Fires energy grenades in an arcing trajectory. These grenades have a short blast radius so they can be used in reasonably close quarters. Switching to alternate fire lobs proximity triggered grenades that adhere to the environment. Category: Energy, Explosive.
-PRICE: 22,500

Hive Cannon: This fully automatic weapon fires non-autonomous para-mite larvae that streaks towards the target and detonates on impact. The alternate fire lobs a pheromone spore that draws all subsequent larvae shots towards it. Category: Ballistics, Explosive.
-PRICE: 7,500

Shrieker: Fires volatile bio-mass that can be guided by holding the targeting beacon on the target. Using the alternate function disables the targeting beam but increases projectile speed and firing rate. Category: Energy, Explosive.
-PRICE: 17,000

Secondary Weapons


USP45: German-made handgun chambered for the .45 ACP round. Known for its stability and accuracy.
-PRICE: Starting Weapon

MP5KA4: 9mm submachine gun with a high rate of fire. Best at close combat, as it becomes less accurate at range.
-PRICE: Starting Weapon

HVS45: This pistol fires High-Velocity-Sabot-tungsten penetrators, and has a laser sight and scope. Damage is high compared to other secondary weapons.
-Note: Now we know why the HVS45 was so bloody powerful in the first game. Sabot-Tungsten rounds are typically used by tanks.
-PRICE: 30,000


Deatomizer Mk4: Semi-automatic energy weapon that fires bolts of plasma. It may function in either semi or fully automatic modes. When set in semi-automatic mode, the Deatomizer may be charged to create an energy bolo which can ensnare nearby enemies in an explosive blast. Category: Energy. Alt. Fire Category: Energy, Explosive.
-PRICE: 7,500

Warp Pistol: The lightest of the Drudge arsenal, this weapon fires semi-automatic blasts that will ricochet off of any surface. When charged it fires a cluster of shots with the same properties. Category: Energy. Note: Blasts will deal explosive damage once they ricochet.
-PRICE: 7,500


Fragmentation: This is an anti-personnel fragmentation grenade. After deployment, it explodes after a few seconds, spreading deadly shrapnel over a radius. Category: Explosive.

Radiation: This Drudge weapon sticks to surfaces and targets on impact, releasing unstable bio-mass. This produces a sizzling radius of intense heat that does significant damage over time. The mass stabilizing in a few seconds, becoming inert. Category: Energy.
-PRICE: 5,000

Flash: This is a non-lethal suppression grenade that overloads the optical nerves of targets affected in its radius. It is used by Trust agents to incapacitate targets for capture or to limit counterattack.
-PRICE: 2,500


Primary Upgrades

Capacitator: Greatly reduces charge time for weapons with charged functions. <Because you don’t have time to waste on not shooting.>

Heavy Armor: Reduces damage significantly, but also hampers your movement speed. <Seriously, how do you go to the bathroom in that?>

Explosive Focus: Increases the blast radius of explosives and reduces explosive damage that you take. <Selecting this puts you on the watchlist.>

Ballistic Focus: Increases damage done by bullets and other solid projectiles. <You're a fan of the classics. This new wave stuff is for kids.>

Energy Focus: Increases damage done by energy-based weapons. <You can only disintegrate someone once, sadly>

Reverse Damage: Your Radiation Grenades heal friendly targets. They still damage enemies. Also, you start with an extra Radiation Grenade added to the other grenades selected in your loadout. Multiplayer Only. <We couldn’t teach the bullets to love.>

Ammo Salvage: When you kill an opposing player, you have a chance to gain one clip’s worth of ammunition for each weapon and have a chance to get a grenade. Maximum ammo carried is unaffected. <You may as well lift his wallet while you’re at it>

Essence Salvage: Killing an opponent immediately triggers your health regeneration. <Sparkles and angst sold separately.>

Widowmaker Specialization: Your Widowmaker Turret fires at non-stealthed targets automatically requiring no input. You can still manually control it with the alternative function button. <Because we won’t let you have a puppy>

Phase Rifle Specialization: Greatly Increases your Phase Rifle damage. <Now you’re just being a jerk.>

Aegis Device Specialization: The Aegis Device will still block projectiles even when the maximum mass has been collected. <The most Passive-Aggressive weapon ever.>

Stealth: You no longer appear on enemy radar and cannot be phase tuned by Phase Rifles. In addition, Widowmaker Turrets will no longer target you unless manually operated. Multiplayer only. <For those dirty backstabbers>

Armory: ((Currently unknown about the specifics, but it allows you to carry two Primary weapons.))

Secondary Upgrades A

Ammo Belt: You spawn with 2 extra clips of ammo for all weapons. <You come prepared. Like a Militia Member>

Stabilizer: Your weapon accuracy is less effected by movement. <Like those guys in the Hong Kong movies>

Metal Legs: You have unlimited sprint. <The surgery is risky, but you think the chicks will dig it>

Helmet: Headshots do no extra damage to you but your weapon accuracy is more afflicted by movement. Multiplayer Only. <Other Helmets are strictly decorative.>

Bomb Bag: Start with an additional grenade. <You can never have enough boom.>

Phase Rifle Penetration: Increases the range through objects that your Phase Rifle can tune in on a target. <It’s an 88 Magnum>

Secondary Upgrades B

Quickness: Speeds up how quickly you reload weapons and switch between them. <You're also good at mumbly-peg and card tricks>

Supercharger: Increases base movement speed. Usable in Multiplayer only. <Can’t catch me, I'm the Gingerbread Man>

Field Medicine: You can revive people, and people can revive you twice as fast! Usable in Multiplayer only. <You're not a Doctor, but you play one in games>

Blinding Powder: Your melee attacks cause a short stun effect on your target. Usable in Multiplayer only. <Momma said knock you out>

Mending: Your health regeneration is increased while crouched. <Ducking will save your life>

Secondary Upgrades C

Light Armor: light damage resistance. <It’s better than no damage resistance>

Improved Melee: Increases melee range slightly. <You know kung fu>

Improved Explosives: Increases blast radius of Explosive category weapons slightly. <It goes to eleven. Well, actually it goes to 10.87 but still>

Improved Ballistics: Increases Damage of Ballistic category weapons slightly. <Feel lucky? Well do you?>

Improved Energy: Increases damage of Energy category weapons slightly. <More pew pew, less qq>

Phase Rifle Tuning: Your Targets are no longer warned when they are being Phase targeted. Multiplayer Only. <It should probably come with a taunt>


-Intro Video

-Early Level Walkthrough (Spoilers)

The multiplayer footage showcases some very cool maps, but the players are generally terrible to the point where it causes physical pain to the viewer. They also tend to use the SCAR. And only the SCAR.

So now everyone go buy this and don't leave me alone. ;_;
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We Meet Again, Mr. Ford. Empty Re: We Meet Again, Mr. Ford.

Post  TheTJ on Wed Mar 09, 2011 9:02 pm

That's cool and all, and I look forward to playing it, but the only thing I can think of is:

"...We see once again that there is nothing you possess that I cannot take away."

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We Meet Again, Mr. Ford. Empty Re: We Meet Again, Mr. Ford.

Post  Eiron on Sun May 01, 2011 10:14 pm

Due to the staggering amount of attention this garnered, I thought I'd let the masses know that this game is, in fact, pretty good.

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We Meet Again, Mr. Ford. Empty Re: We Meet Again, Mr. Ford.

Post  Smashy B on Sun May 01, 2011 10:24 pm

It came out? I've honestly heard nothing about this game other than the original post.

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We Meet Again, Mr. Ford. Empty Re: We Meet Again, Mr. Ford.

Post  Eiron on Mon May 02, 2011 8:22 pm

Yep. Came out April 19 with little to know fanfare, which is unfortunate, considering that it's much improved over the original. Between this and Goldeneye, I'd say this has superior online multiplayer.
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