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Pokemon A & Ω Hype Train!

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Post  Weldar on Wed Nov 02, 2016 8:58 pm

There is one thing that kind of bothers me about Decidueye. Gens 5 and 6 have a theme uniting the three starter final forms, 7 almost does but Decidueye breaks it (Primarina and Incineroar are both different kinds of performers/entertainers)

As for a team I'm still up in the air on a lot of it, I'm more of a stickler for type variety in my teams so my choices are still up for change pending details like the types of some leaked pokemon or if the Island Guardians are available before the postgame. And I'm still tossing up between Incineroar and Primarina for starters, might even trade for both. Will probably be some combination of these candidates though.

Pokemon A & Ω Hype Train! - Page 34 Team

Pokemon A & Ω Hype Train! - Page 34 ZXC2I
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