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TWBB Transcript - Need help

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TWBB Transcript - Need help Empty TWBB Transcript - Need help

Post  S!lver on Sat Feb 23, 2013 5:10 am

Good Morning/Midday/Afternoon/Evening/Night,

I decided to start a new topic on this, because I think it deserves one and I don't want to monologise any further in the other. In this case I prefer speaking, because it's much faster. Wink

Yes, it's actually done after many sides and a little less hours, so no more "what if" needed. Razz
I really have to say, it was quite interesting and challenging and the best part, it was an extraordinary way to prepare for my English exam which I found out later that it was useful for it. xD

However, I can't do anything anymore for this project, therefore I really need your help at this point. But I hope I got the biggest part of work down, so that you're more motivated in helping me, 'cause you see I am not joking around or pass down the most work.
And I don't think I am the only one who is interested in having a good one and not only one with holes here and there. Very Happy
And as I said before, if you need or want another file format, let me know. Wink

In addition I would propose that one post the corrected sentences in this thread with the copy-pasted name&time from the document and I correct it in the original. Once it is complete I will format the whole thing in better looking and readable format but this work is only worth it when the transcript is accurate.
Of course better ideas are always welcomed, this was just what I thought of first. ^^

But for real, it would be awesome if you would help me. Smile
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