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Post  Vivienne Vexx on Wed Apr 30, 2014 7:49 pm


So, an idea of my that I had just last night just got super boosted out of a cannon at full speed. 

I just got together a team of 7 people (including myself) to make a game. 3 artists, 2 programmers and 1 designer with me as the producer to make a game. All of them never going to school specifically for game either. Yet I feel very confident in this team. And I decided to start up a Dev Diary for this. Which is just a log of how the project is going.

So, I just had this idea last night that I should do this. But I had no idea that it would start out this fast and so well. Within about an hour or so I got all my team members. I also thought I would have trouble getting programmers. NOPE, got 2 very easily. Which makes me incredibly happy. 

The game we are making is a Board/Card game with RPG elements thrown in. The game starts off by seeing who goes first via roll of a dice. You then pick one of 5 classes that are pulled out from the deck. When someone picks one they get reshuffled and 5 more pop out. With each class effecting how you play and what abilities you get. You start in the same area and the goal of the game is to get to the end and kill the boss first. 

The first thing we have to figure out is of course net play as this would be best with multiple players. I know it can be done, just a matter of how hard it would be to implement and get working properly.
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