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Winston's OmegaRed Nuzlocke.

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Winston's OmegaRed Nuzlocke. Empty Winston's OmegaRed Nuzlocke.

Post  TheTJ on Sun Jan 31, 2016 10:35 pm

Hello? Is this thing recording? I guess it is, the microphone has those little sounds arcs coming from it... Anyway, my name is Winston and I just started out as a Pokemon Trainer. I was looking over some data in my pokedex when I spotted this journal option and figured "What the hell?"

So, here we go. Log Entry Date: 001

My Dad became the new Gym leader here in Petalburg which is fine, but for some reason we had to move to Littleroot? I mean, I guess it's not the biggest hassle to commute, basically just a 5 minute jog, but we could just as easily have moved into a house in Petalburg and not had the commute. Plus, being a gym leader means staying at the gym 24/7 for I don't know how long. Dad doesn't even have a room in our house, though neither does Mom... Look, the whole set-up is just odd. Let's accept that and move on.

I met Prof Birch and his daughter May today as well. Birch seems more like a cool uncle than an expert in anything scientific, but apparently he's some big hot-shot. He says he loves fieldwork and dresses all the time in what looks like hiking clothes plus a lab coat. Despite that though, I don't think he's entirely cut out for outdoorsy stuff. When I met him he was screaming for help being chased by a Poocheyna because he had dropped his bag with three strong Pokemon in them. Well I grabbed one to help him out and in gratitude he gave that pokemon to me, a Torchic I named "Kurt".

After that he had me bring May back (She was on route 103 doing some field work) and then set us out on a SUPER vague assignment. We're supposed to explore and expand our horizons or some guff like that. I'm just going to do my own thing though... Probably try to beat my Dad at his own gym... we'll see how things go. May seemed much more into the whole "Exploring the world" business than I was, but she is her father's daughter.

After that I started gathering a team. Right off I met my first recruit, a Poocheyna whom I named Bruce... and subsequently noticed she was not male. As soon as I figure out how to change names in the Pokedex Registry I'll give her something else. For now there's nothing else she'll respond to. I ran into a second Poocheyna up on Route 103 by where I saw May last and named her Barbara (After checking).

Then on Route 102 I met the latest and most interesting of my recruits. She was a Seedot I spotted in the grass and snuck up on. I thought she'd be a pushover but she was somehow able to use "Beat Up" which is a Dark Maneuver according to the Pokedex. Now, I don't know if you've seen a Seedot, but they are literally just acorns with feet. She was able to punch with NO HANDS. I had to catch her. After a short battle with Bruce she was weak enough to catch and I gave her the name "Kate" after that character from the show Lost. Don't know why, it just seemed appropriate.

Well, after beating some weak trainers (Seriously, they were little kids. If they hadn't insisted I'd feel worse about it) I made my way to the entrance of Petalburg. I was stopped by May though, who was apparently right behind me and I just hadn't noticed. She pointed out a few Beautifly that were floating past, and walked into town. Which was when I ran into trouble.

It was a normal Seedot and I figured Kate could take it with Beat-up since she had spent some time with me and had just learned Growth. Well, the wild Seedot used Bide right off and I thought maybe I could still take it out before Bide went off. It was close, but Bide ended up going off just before the wild Seedot was beaten. Kate took it right to the face and was looking rough but she still managed to beat down the other Pokemon.

Well, she was looking rough, so I rushed straight to the Pokecenter in Petalburg and handed her to Nurse Joy. She was barely conscious the whole time. Right now they're going to see what they can do, but they seem optimistic. Apparently they have a really good track record with healing Pokemon.

Which brings us to now. I'm sitting in a chair in the lobby of the Pokecenter waiting on results. My Dad is just a few buildings over and I haven't seen him since we moved, but I figure I can wait a bit to talk to him, at least until my team is up and running again. So for now, I'm gonna log off, maybe catch a 40 winks. I'll probably make another entry after a bit more has happened.

Winston, logging off.

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