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New game idea I've been kicking around

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New game idea I've been kicking around Empty New game idea I've been kicking around

Post  Relmitos on Sat Aug 13, 2016 4:34 pm

So I've ran this idea past Q and Raya and they seemed to like the base idea behind it, so I thought before I really got down and designed it with 4-6 players in mind, I'd just ask what interest there would be out here to actually play it if I did actually make it. Haven't come up with a name for it yet, but that's not important until later anyway. Base gameplay comes first.

Anyway, what I'm thinking is this, as scattered and bare brass as these ideas are. I'll be refining them as I work on the game and push it towards reality, but it should remain mostly as what I am about to type out below without any huge sweeping changes, it would be minor tweaks based on problems I run into while working on it.

Basic gameplay and rules:

1.) There are no clearly defined teams, you are solo amongst all the players.

2.) Each player is going to be given their own, unique goal to complete within the game. No other player shall share your goal. Whoever successfully completes their objective first wins. Your objective will come in 2 or 3 stages, I'll decide that when I start the creation process. I'll be spending a large amount of time making sure that should the stars align everyone could theoretically win on the same turn, no sooner, so everyone has a roughly equal and fair chance at winning. I will allow for more then 1 "winner" if multiple people clear their goals within a few rounds after the first person to do so. There is no time limit, the game is over a couple rounds after the first person finishes their goals

3.) While you are not on any team, you can create alliances with the other players if you so choose, but you must be careful about who you trust. Some players will have objectives that are aligned with yours and it is in both of your interests to help each other, some players will have conflicting objectives and it would be in their best interest to lie to you because hindering you will help them. Others, their goal is just in no way related to yours. I figure this part will be a little like mafia, where you need to talk to people and decide who you can and can't trust.

4.) At the moment I'm thinking the playing field will be a 4x4 grid map(Depending on how many people want to play that size may go up a bit) and players can explore the map as they wish, though movement will be restricted a bit so you cannot go from the top left of the map to the bottom right in a single turn. You're walking around, not teleporting/fast-travelling.

Now, how you actually play.

This is going to be played mainly through PMs, though there will be a main thread for it for when events happen that everyone gets to know about, among other things. Each turn will consist of multiple parts. Movement, exploring the room you're in for things of interest, items you may or may not want to carry with you, or just gathering info that can be gleaned from your surroundings or from the NPCs that are roaming around. I see it playing out like this. A player will send me a PM saying where they want to go, I'll get back to them and tell them what the general surrounding is, what they can see in the room at a glance, and if anyone else is in there with them. The player will then send me back a message saying what they want to do with the info I've just given them, things like "Collect X item" "Take a 2nd look to see if there's anything you may have missed the first time around of importance"(That one may not make it to the actual game, unsure how much I like the "Search harder" option), "Talk to NPC", "Talk to Player". Fair warning, another player sharing your room has a chance to see actions you take. Someone seeing you pick up, say, a knife for example might give them reason to distrust you. Speaking of items, you're only going to be able to carry so many things at once, so collecting every single thing you see isn't really a good idea. My reasoning behind that is more to stop people from hoarding items so that other people can, you know, play the game and possibly win. Like, if a guy needs to, let's say repair something, and someone else is just holding onto all the tools around and they do nothing for him, the guy with the objective of needing to repair things is just screwed. I don't want to get into that situation. Anyway, talking to other players can happen if you so choose, but you can only talk to players that are in the room with you at any given time. Conversations between players are heard by everyone in the room with you at the time, and are able to be joined by anyone in the room. Say person A and B are talking while C is in the room, C hears what A and B are saying and can interject with his own statements. For this reason I need copies of all conversations between players.

That's the base idea of it anyway. I see this shaping up to be something of a race to see who can solve their own problems to complete their goals faster then the other people, while also helping/hindering the other players.

If your interested let me know so I can gauge how big I need to create the map and the objects within it based on how many people there are. I'm opening to suggestions at the moment as well since this is a very basic conception of ideas level I'm at here.

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New game idea I've been kicking around Empty Re: New game idea I've been kicking around

Post  JGH27 on Sat Aug 13, 2016 8:42 pm

I'm interested in possibly playing Smile
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